Shocker ERA Paintball Gun



Shocker Paintball is proud to announce the ERA - the next chapter in the storied history of the Shocker®.

This new iteration of the Shocker® takes into account hundreds of users input as well as feedback from years of Professional NXL sponsorship. Every facet of the ERA has been refined, revised and cut down to a minimalistic and sleek platform designed to deliver outstanding performance.

The Shocker® ERA features a redesigned bolt assembly for efficiency and reduced ball breakage. Core changes prioritize improved airflow, resulting in consistent velocity and pressure during high rates of fire, boosting accuracy and shot grouping. Timing adjustments reduce initial ball impact and prevent surface cracks. The bolt can adapt to different paint qualities for versatility.

Improved ergonomics include a revised front grip and regulator, reduced weight above the trigger frame, and upgraded grip surfaces for comfort and easy maintenance. The double trigger system prevents micro-switch damage. Redesigned air passageways eliminate leaks, and a repositioned control board safeguards against trigger switch damage.

The Shocker® ERA features the FREAK® XL barrel system with a 15" All American ported barrel tip for improved sound signature and insert compatibility. These upgrades build on the Shocker's legacy of value, efficiency, reliability, and the versatile FREAK® barrel system.