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Carbon Paintball

Carbon ZERO SLD Paintball Mask - Less Coverage - Light Grey


The Carbon ZERO Goggle system is the newest high end paintball mask offered by Carbon Paintball.  The ZERO Goggle System represents the culmination of over 50 years combined experience in the paintball industry by the CRBN core team. Engineered to meet the four cornerstones of goggle performance: fit, vision, breathability, and weight. Our focus on function over form combined with our core minimalist design ethos produced a goggle line we are confident will rise to the top of your catalog.

The Zero SLD series offers a minimalist design with extreme flexibility of the face mask using the AIRFLEX technology.  It is extremely lightweight like the Zero Pro Series.  To make it more budget friendly, only 1 C-Spec lens is included and standard durometer design is offered (the plastic face mask is harder).  SLD Opaque Color Contrast gives you non-transparent plastic which allows for greater color contrasts!


One size does NOT fit all! Every ZERO Series Goggle is available in two distinct size options: 


> Less Coverage. Low profile version. Lightest high end goggle system on the market. Dual silicone strap 1.5” wide with adjustable length.

< More Coverage. Increased profile version. Added protection with a larger facemask and ear pad. Dual silicone strap 2” wide with adjustable length.

Other great features of this mask:

  1. Magnetic Quick Change Lens Lock - Allows players to quickly change out their lens 
  2. Quick change storm unit - A magnetic visor is standard to come with the ZERO goggle which allows for quick application of your visor with rain or snow.  Simply apply your storm attachment of foam and line up your visor with the magnetic holes!
  3. Dual Silicone Goggle strap - Silicone on the inside and outside of the goggle strap allows to keep the integrity of this strap even when the silicone wears off on the inside of the strap!
  4. Magnetic Chin Strap with Fidlock™ quick release lock - The magnetic chin strap is either 1.5 inches wide with the LESS version of the mask or 2' wide with the MORE version of the ZERO goggle
  5. Optional Storm Unit Fan - Carbon will offer a new & improved version of a goggle fan which allows players who wear eyeglasses during play to continue wearing them without the fear of fogging.

  6. Modular Fast Change Dual Density Foam - Some of the most comfortable goggle foam out there which can be replaced!
  7. More Coverage OR Less Coverage - Two different sizes of the mask will allow players to choose the mask based upon preference.  No more turning down a mask because of one single size!  The More Coverage will protect more of the chin with an extended Facemask, offer a larger ear pad, as well as  Dual silicone strap 2” wide with adjustable length
  8. Lightweight TPR Injection Construction Material
  9. Maximized Multi Directional Venting
  10. Replaceable Ear Pad

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