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Ninja SL2 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank


Ninja Paintball has been proven as one of the best paintball tank manufacturers within the business.  Ninja is known for making the highest of quality paintball regulators and paintball tanks.  These tanks stand the test of time and are what paintball players need to fuel their paintball guns while out on the paintball field.

The SL2 series of carbon fiber paintball tanks are some of the best quality and lightest weight paintball tanks within the industry.  Ninja paintball has created a smaller, lighter bottle combine with their very trustworthy and high quality paintball tank regulators.   The 68 cubic inch tanks are are a great middle-of-the-road size tank of the SL2 paintball tank collection.  They are designed for those paintball players wanting a smaller and lightweight paintball gun setup.  Expect to get anywhere from 900-1200 shots out of a full 4500 psi fill with this 68 cu paintball tank depending upon the paintball gun it is used in conjunction with.  Weight is 1 pound 15 ounces with a standard adjustable regulator.  

These tanks come standard with our Standard Ninja regulator.  The standard Ninja paintball regulator has adjustable output pressures of between 450-800 psi.  The output pressure is adjusted by removing the bonnet of the regulator and removing or adding shims to get the desired output pressure to match perfectly with your paintball gun. 

Other features include:

 - Sonic Recharge Technology piston

 - Plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates reg shoot down

 - SPA - Shim Pressure Adjustment- change output pressure by adding or removing shims, not springs or pistons

 - MFV - Mini Fill Valve - Non wrist digging, low profile design fill valve

 - All black tactical look

 - Brass bonnet

 - Meets all DOT, CGA and ASTM specifications

 - Completely rebuildable by the user

 - Every regulator is hand crafted and factory tested

 - ASTM COMPLIANT bonnet thread

 - Low pressure burst disk

 - Ninja Paintball Tank ASTM COMPLIANT Restrictor, bleed hole and safety groove

 - Ninja Paintball Tank Mini Fill Valve IS hardened, plated 5000 psi rated

 - Ninja Paintball Tank Reg installed to ASTM specifications

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