DLX Luxe TM40 Paintball Gun - Dust Red/Polished Blue

$1,199.00 $1,600.00

The new DLX Luxe TM40 is the ultimate high end paintball gun. DLX has made improvements to the Luxe TM40 to deliver exceptional performance in rememberance of Tim Montressor, a paintball legend and long-time DLX employee.  Some of the refinements include the new upgraded TM40 core, tool-less mechanical conversion, & improved aesthetics.

The ergonomics of the marker have also been improved with recent updates to the trigger frame, grips, foregrip, and contact surfaces of the marker. Changes in the industry to playing style changes, HPA tanks, loader configurations, and trigger preferences have led to DLX creating the sleekest and most well balanced paintball marker they have ever produced!

Refined drivetrain:

The new open face bolt of the Luxe TM40 has been changed to offer better performance as well as paint handling. The larger volume chamber of this new core brings the operating pressure of the Luxe TM40 lower than the Luxe X for optimal paint handling, efficiency, and softer shot. Lastly, the Ice coating of the bolt allows for a very low friction coefficient that can be seen in the Luxe Ice and Luxe X allowing for optimal performance in any weather!

Another performance update of the TM40 upgraded bolt system is a higher flow orifice for the back end of the bolt, thus improving the reaction speed.  The spool of the core is different than the Luxe X in order to get better flow and response times.  Lastly, the Luxe TM40 features an integrated QEV (quick exhaust valve) similar to the Shocker Amp allowing for quicker cycle rates  


Mechanical capabilities:

The Luxe TM40 will be the first Luxe paintball marker to offer a mechanical frame.  Tim Montressor, the much missed and respected employee of DLX had a belief in bringing back paintball “to its roots”.  Montressor firmly believed that paintball had lots some of its zest and fun because many players were no longer playing mechanical paintball in the woods.  For this reason, he created the Iron City Classic (ICC) which has had record breaking attendance in the few years that it was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  

DLX has paid tribute to Tim Montressor with this marker in many ways but the mechanical Luxe TM40 is a true tribute to this legend.  The Luxe TM40 will allow players to switch between electric and mechanical play seemlessly by using the Pro-Lock frame system.  This trigger frame has 2 latches (one at the front between trigger guard and regulator and one at the bottom of the bolT cap).  Using these 2 latches will make mechanical conversion tool-less which is a first in the paintball industry!  


The Luxe paintball gun has always been one of the best ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing paintball markers.  The Luxe TM40 is no exception!  DLX has made small improvements from the aesthetics of the Luxe X.  One major aesthetic improvement is the refined milling of the bolt cap.  This makes the Luxe TM40 more sleek.  The 5 base colors of the Luxe TM40 will also feature matching color accents instead of black accents as seen with the Luxe X!  

Other Great Luxe TM40 features:

Pro-Lock Trigger Frame: the Luxe TM40 will use the pro-lock trigger frame which became popular with the TM40 predecessor, the Luxe X. The Pro-lock trigger frame uses 2 latches to easily remove the trigger frame of the Luxe paintball gun. 

Freak XL barrel system: The Luxe TM40 will also feature the Freak XL barrel system.  The Freak XL barrel uses 8 inch control inserts in either aluminum and/or stainless steel while using one main barrel.  This tried and true barrel has become one of the best paintball barrels of all time due to the easy bore sizing capabilities with any paint as well as a great sound signature!  

Max-Flo inline  regulator:  One of the highest flow regulators on the market, the Max Flo regulator will bring optimal consistency out of the Luxe TM40  

Flex-PWR battery system: The battery allows for multiple options for charging including inside the marker or outside with a USB-C plug in to the Luxe TM40.  The capacity of the Flex PWR battery system is 3 times as large as previous Luxe models!

EZ Axis Trigger System: By utilizing a single mounting screw and fully sealed roller bearings, the EZ-Axis trigger system simplifies adjustment and removal of the Luxe® trigger while increasing its resistance to dirt contamination. A single allen key is all that is needed to remove, adjust or install your trigger without the need to remove the frame. One of the best feeling triggers in paintball is now the simplest and most durable.

Roto-mount electronics: Roto-mount electronics set the standard for ease of use when working with the control boards in your marker. Simple quarter turn locking pins allows the player to remove all electronics from the marker without the need for tools or tiny screws. When combined with the Intelli-connect and Flex-pwr systems the Luxe® X has one of the most capable and user friendly electronic packages ever created for paintball.

Intelli-Connect Wireless System: The Inteli-connect system utilizes contact pads throughout the marker eliminating the need for wires or plugs. Each connection features gold-plated contacts, and spring loaded contact pins to assure easy alignment and industry leading corrosion resistance. All major electronic components can removed and replaced with minimal chance of handling errors, never be intimidated by electronics again.

Opti-breach Chamber system: The Opti-Breach System is designed around the interaction of the paintball, chamber and bolt face all working in symphony to minimize force. Low angle lever detents reduce pressure on the ball and offer incredibly long life. The vision system delivers excellent performance in extreme conditions and can be serviced without the need for tools. Finally, the open face bolt contacts the paintball on its strongest location, its outside edge, evenly distributing force as the ball travels within the breach.