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Bunker Kings Paintball Loaders

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Gi Sportz LVL Paintball Loader

GI Sportz

HK Army TFX Paintball Loader

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Valken V-Max Paintball Hopper


Virtue Spire Paintball Hopper


Paintball loaders have made huge strides within the past 10 years.  With the newest technology in paintball loaders, you no longer have to worry about your hopper going down in the middle of a game.  The loaders are build with more rugged materials and are extremely reliable for Todays paintballers. 

The Virtue Spire 4 is among the top paintball loaders in the game. They are reliable, and built with materials that can take a beating.  The Spire 4 is easy to clean and disassemble making it a top choice among pro paintballers. 

The Virtue IR continues with Virtue Spire quality, without the price. The Virtue IR comes in at $119.95, well below its big brother.  The IR shares the same speed feeds, as the Spire 4 which make it easy when ordering

The Dye Rotor R2 is another solid option in the high end loader market.  The Dye R2 has an adjustable capacity feature that allows you to adjust the loader from 200 round capacity to 260 round capacity.  The feature at first seemed unecessary to me, until I used one for the NXL season.  Depending on your role its a quick flip to a higher capacity or lower profile. 

Dye also released the Dye LTR Rotor which is a cheaper Rotor option from Dye Precision.  This loader is $99.95 and uses the same drive system as the original rotor, except with a lighter, more economical shell.  

GI Sportz LVL loader is a mid end option coming in at $150. This is the loader our factory team is shooting this year.  We have found this loader to be extremely reliable and robust in the most demanding conditions.  For the price, this could be the most appealing option for the budget baller as the Gi Sportz LVL leaves little to be desired.  

Valken Switch loader. Has a unique feature in that it is one of the first electronic loaders ever to feature the ability to switch Between 68 cal and 50 cal paintballs. 

HK Army has a high end offering called the HK TFX loader.  This is another reliable and robust design in the high end paintball loader offerings.  This loader seems to be the lowest profile loader offered from any company.   It sits lower to the gun but is a little longer and wider.  

If you have any questions regarding which speedfeed fits your loader, please contact us so we can ensure proper fitment.  

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