Spire 3 Trade Program

So you want to upgrade to the Virtue Spire 3?!? We can help!

1. Send us an email with a picture and description of your loader. 
2. We will send you an invoice for the remaining payment, and the details of the trade. 
3. You send us your loader.
4. When we receive the trade, and the additional money, we ship your new Spire 3!
Dye R2- $70
Spire 200/260 - $50
Spire 200/260 w/Speedfeed - $55
Dye LTR/Rotor - $45
HK TFX - $55
Valken Switch - $40
GI LVL - $45
Others - Approx $45

 Trade-Ins can be e-mailed to orders@punisherspb.com or use link below to submit form online. Please have "Spire III Trade-In" in the subject line.  


PunishersPB Trade-In/Consignment Form!