If you reached this page in error, the item you were looking for is either discontinued or not available any longer. 

Punisherspb.com has supplied parts to the Paintball industry as a service to the community. Many of the parts are so cheap that we do not make much money on the products themselves. We do this to help people keep their Paintball guns running.  The Smart Parts ION, and Epiphany were tremendous guns of their time but parts have become near impossible for us to get in stock.  

Feel free to use the search the site, or contact us to request any parts you need. We have recently had trouble finding any replacement parts and decided to help those owners with a trade in program. We encourage you to trade your Smart Parts ION towards a newer platform.  Functioning or not, we will take your trade and get you into something that will work for years to come.  

Cash For Clunkers Paintball gun trade program.

Have an old Smart Part Ion or SFT/NXT Smart Parts Shocker? Looking to get rid of that old random marker you've had for years? Well you've come to the right place! We will give you money for your old clunker gun toward a brand new marker of your choice!

This program is trying to help you get rid of that old gun you have and get into a brand new one! We have a minimum trade value of 100$ for any old markers! We have different tiers in which you can trade up to and get more value out of your old gun! Tiers are listed below!

So for example, if you have an old Ion you are looking to get rid of, we will give you $175 toward a brand new Luxe ICE or any other marker listed below! Or if you choose Tier 1, we will give you $100 toward any marker listed below! If you choose Tier 2 you will get $125 toward any marker listed below!

Email us or call us at 724-571-5770 if you're interested in trading in your old marker for a new one!

Tier 1 ($100 Minimum Trade-In Value For Any Marker):

Empire Mini GS Dye Rize MaXXed Paintball Gun Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Gun

Tier 2 ($125 Minimum Trade-In Value For Any Marker):

Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun Sp Shocker RSX Paintball Gun Planet Eclipse GTeK 160R Paintball Gun

Tier 3 ($175 Minimum Trade-In Value For Any Marker):

Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Gun DLX Luxe Ice Paintball Gun Dye M2 / M2 MOSAir Paintball Gun Planet Eclipse CS1 Paintball Gun