Punisher's Paintball

25 Lexington Springmill Rd S

Ontario, OH 44906


Mon.-Fri.: 10-6 PM 

Saturday: Noon-3 PM 

Paintball is an amazing sport.  It allows people of all ages to come together to go out to your local paintball field and shoot at each other in a safe and fun manner.  Although paintball is not a mainstream sport yet, it is very safe and has many different elements that make it a much more complex sport than others.  For this reason, Punisher's Paintball is now providing the Ohio and Midwest area with our own Ohio paintball store!  It is a hard time for brick and mortar stores.  Specifically, paintball stores are very hard to find due to the specificity of the sport.  However, Punisher's Paintball wanted to do something for their customers.  To give you as the paintball player, the opportunity to put your hands on the great paintball items you wish to add to your collection!  Maybe you have wanted to put your hands on the newest paintball gun, buy paintballs, or try on some paintball pants or protective padding to see what size you may need.  Punisher's Paintball is now giving you as the paintball player the availability to do this! Please come see the best paintball store in all of Ohio!  We are now open Monday through Saturday!  

Our paintball store features all brand new paintball guns, paintball loaders, paintball tanks, paintball masks, paintballs, and soft goods to allow the paintball player to be fitted from head to foot in beginner gear all the way to high end tournament paintball gear.  Some of the paintball brands that we carry include Virtue Paintball, Carbon Paintball, Tippmann Paintball, Empire Paintball, V-force masks, DLX/Luxe Paintball, GI Sportz, Planet Eclipse markers and gear, Dye Paintball, HK army,  Bunker Kings Paintball, Contract Killer paintball clothing & gear, Valken Paintball, Macdev Paintball, Field One Paintball, First Strike Paintball, Boss Paintball, and TechT Paintball.  Interested in a new marker but can't afford it?  No worries.  We offer Layaway options, financing through Affirm and we also take used guns/gear trade ins.  We even have an entire used paintball gear section for some great budget options.

Not only does our store offer all of the new and best paintball gear, but we also carry different grades of paintballs to allow for shooting year around!  Paintballs that shoot well in cold weather as well as hot weather. 

Our paintball store is managed by knowledgeable and professional staff that are paintball players and know paintball to help you make the right decision.  Customer service is our duty at Punisher's Paintball so expect to be treated with kind staff that will do everything necessary to ensure a great experience.

Have a broken paintball gun?  No problem!  Our knowledgable staff specializes in paintball gun repair to make it easy for you as the paintball player to get back out on the paintball field.  We service any paintball gun and can fix paintball markers that have leaks, electronic issues, or any other type of issue.  

Punisher’s Paintball store also has the capability to fill your paintball tank, PCP Airgun tank, and airsoft tanks!  Our industrial size 4500 psi compressor has the capability to fill storage tanks so you can play around in your backyard with your paintball gun or Airgun. We can also air fill your paintball tanks directly!  Our air compressor will be available any time during open store hours!  

Punisher's PB store is now expanding it's inventory selection to include ALL airsoft products!  Airsoft is a rapidly growing sport that includes realistic looking airsoft rifles and pistols that fire plastic/Airsoft BB at 200-500 FPS!  Our airsoft store features an ever-growing selection of every part of airsoft that you need to get out and playing.  The essential items like airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, and BBs are continuously growing with companies like Elite Force Airsoft, Lancer Tactical, G&G Armament, Krytac, KWA, and more! Whether you are a first time purchaser of an airsoft rifle, or a competitive airsofter, Punisher's Airsoft store will have everything that you need! Punisher's Airsoft store also carries airsoft BBs, airsoft Gas (green gas & Co2 cartridges), airsoft pistol accessories such as extra magazines, batteries for AEG airsoft rifles, and more!  Airsoft guns are a great idea for a birthday gift, holiday gift, or a new hobby!  Punisher's Airsoft store sells gift cards for those that want to get their friend, partner, or loved one a gift but don't know what airsoft gun to buy!