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Planet Eclipse LV2 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Ego LV2

The Eclipse Ego was a flagship paintball marker for years, and the Ego family now has a long-awaited update, launching itself back into the big leagues with new premium features and the same impeccable quality we have always loved from Planet Eclipse.


New Ego LV2 Features

Most notably, the new LV2 is the final piece of P.E. moving away from the AT pipe design and joining the modern age with its hoseless design. This leaves far fewer variables to get in the way of your experience playing paintball.

Some other highly notable LV2 features are toolless eye covers, toolless removable grips, an operating pressure of 115 psi (20 psi lower than the LV1.6) and its new bluetooth compatibility. Truly, the Ego LV2 is the modern Ego we have all been waiting for.


New Design: The Planet Eclipse LV2

Planet Eclipse knows they struck gold with their lever-valve design from the original LV-1, and that was absolutely carried forward into the LV2. The new low pressure operation of 115 psi comes as a result of a redesigned body which produces more internal volume being paired with the new Cure FT bolt.


Premium Features on the LV2

Some long-awaited features now present in the LV paintball gun family include toolless eye covers, able to be removed and cleaned with ease, as well as toolless wraparound grips for fast changing of batteries on busy tournament days. The LV2 now features an optional capability of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and new Modular Marker Electronics (MME). Familiar assets like the OLED display and user-serviceable solenoid are still aboard the new Planet Eclipse LV2.


Easily Adjust the Shot of Your Ego LV2

You still have the multiple rammers at various weights to help you find your perfect shot, but the LV2 comes with an additional capability not seen on the previous LV paintball gun models - a high pressure regulator (HPR). Between the HPR, LPR, rammer speed control and other adjustable factors, you can truly make your Eclipse LV2 shoot like no other.


Buy your Planet Eclipse LV2 from Punishers Paintball today!


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