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Punisher's Paintball carries a wide variety of paintball guns.  All of the most popular brands of paint ball guns can be found here!  As one of the most important parts of all paintball gear, we have broken down a little information about every brand of markers we have in stock!

What are the things that you need to know when purchasing your first, second, or even the most expensive paintball gun?  First, there are 2 different types.  They usually fire 0.68 caliber paintballs but there are also 0.50 caliber paintball marker variations such as the Planet Eclipse Etha 2, Planet Eclipse Emek, and more.  A mechanical paintball gun is one that uses pneumatic pressure and the physical force of a trigger pull in order to fire the marker.  Mechanical markers are usually cheaper and shoot semi automatic.  There are also pump paintball guns which have a cocking rod and handle which needs to be pulled in order to fire the next shot.  Most mechanical markers are known for being more durable since they do not have any form of electronic board or solenoid that could be damaged by bad weather or misuse.  Tippmann is the oldest and most popular mechanical brand as they have been around since the 1990's.  The Tippmann 98 custom has become world-renowned for its aluminum construction and extreme reliability through water, dirt, and being physically abused.  For this reason, rental markers are usually mechanical because they are cheaper and more reliable.  Some paintball fields will offer an electronic paintball marker, such as the Spyder Fenix or Empire Mini GS, as a rental but almost all players will start mechanical.  These guns usually do not have any sort of regulation system (pressure regulator) and use all of the tank output pressure when firing paintballs.  A rammer hits a valve which exposes the paintball to the pressure from the tank.  CO2 tanks are common to power mechanical markers but high pressure air (HPA Tanks) can also be used.  In recent years, there has been major advancement of mechanical markers features a spool valve design.  A spool valve is a specific valve that allows air flow in and out of the bolt system during the bolt cycle.  This allows regulation of air pressure down from the air tank.  This spool valve paired with a inline regulator can bring the operating pressure down to allow for a more accurate, smooth, efficient, and consistent shot!  This design can be seen in the Planet Eclipse Emek, GoG eNMEy and GoG eNMEy Pro. 

The other type of paintball marker is the electronic paintball marker.  These markers use a circuit board and solenoid to fire paintballs and are usually more expensive.  For this reason, they are the perfect selection for intermediate players and advanced players.  The electronic board can be either an LED design, as seen on guns, which uses the flashing of a display light, flash sequences, and different flash colors to tune the paintball gun including fire modes, dwell (how long the solenoid is open), and rate of fire.  Common guns that feature the LED board include the Planet Eclipse Etha 2, Empire Mini GS, and the CZR from Dye Proto.  The OLED display does the same job as the LED display but is much more user friendly as it has a user interface which gives data on the paintball marker.  Common settings mentioned above will be adjustable within the OLED screen and some markers may also give the user more intuitive information such as HPR pressure, LPR pressure, shot count, and even game time.  Oled circuit boards are usually found in expensive paintball guns such as the Shocker Amp, DLX Luxe X, Dye M3+, Dye DSR, Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro, Planet Eclipse Geo 4, Planet Eclipse LV1.6, MacDev Prime XTS, and more. Since these guns use technology to fire paintballs, the firing modes are tunable.  In earlier years, players used different settings to try to cheat in tournament paintball.  Virtue Paintball was very popular for making aftermarket boards which featured the "gangster mode" and other modes which made it difficult for referees to determine they were not being tournament compliant.  

Fire modes now can be used to adjust your paintball marker to different tournament settings.  This allows advanced players to pull the trigger a certain amount of times in one second but then have a higher rate of fire (Ramp mode).  Besides semi automatic, ramp mode may be the most popular mode.  Ramp mode is most commonly known for 5 or 5.5 trigger pulls per second equating to 10.2 balls per second (BPS).  This is the ramp setting used in most tournaments as it is the NXL firing mode.  Other parameters can also be changed like when the ramping will kick in (ramp start), how long can you wait without pulling the trigger and still stay in ramp (ramp restart), and trigger speed necessary to maintain ramping (ramp sustain).  Advanced players will often set their high end paintball guns in NXL mode and keep it there as most regional tournaments also use this fire mode to be consistent.  Full auto is also a very common fire mode for intermediate players who play recreationally. 

With electronic paintball guns, there are 2 different overall gun designs.  The first design is the spool valve.  The spool valve design uses an air chamber, typically referred to as the volume chamber, to store the air between bolt cycles.  Usually, the larger the volume chamber, the lower the operating pressure which typically results in a more efficient paintball marker.  This can be seen in the gamma pro core of the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro as compared to the gamma core of the Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R. The CS2 Pro is slightly more efficient and smoother than the Gtek 170R because the volume chamber is larger in the CS2.  The spool valve design uses a spool valve within the solenoid of the marker that moves slightly during firing to introduce and retract air.  A poppet valve on the other hand uses a hammer which eventually hits a pin on the end of the valve.  The strike of the pin allows for air to be introduced into the bolt system which propels the paintball down the barrel.  There is currently only one modern day poppet style gun which is the Planet Eclipse LV1.6.  Other older poppet valve paintball guns include the Bob Long G6R, Planet Eclipse Ego, and MacDev Cyborg 6.  

We always recommend that you try out as many paintball guns at your paintball field before making a purchase.  If you are a beginner paintball player, a cheap mechanical gun is not a bad option as it allows you to decide whether or not you like the sport.  This includes markers like the Tippmann Cronus Tactical, Tippmann Stormer Elite (with magazine fed option), GoG eNMEy, Planet Eclipse Emek, and more.  If you are an advanced paintball player, we encourage you to consider more intricate features of the marker including the included barrel kit, tool-less battery change, tool-less eye covers, tool-less bolt system removal, and more.  Ergonomics of your electronic paintball gun are also very important so feeling how the guns "points" and the materials the marker is made of (aluminum vs. rubber grips) can be a decision changer.  If you have any more questions, please contact us or visit our paintball store to see all these great options yourself!  

What you need to know about certain brands!

Paintball Pistol

Paintball pistols are a subgroup of paintball guns that have become very popular.  Paintball pistols resemble real pistols but fire paintballs.  Many scenario paintball players use paintball pistols as a great side arm edition to their style of play. Punisher's PB has a wide variety of paintball pistols to choose from to fit every style of play.  

Azodin Paintball Guns:

Azodin makes some cheap paintball guns that offer different options.  Azodin offers mechanical and electronic options.  They also offer the pump Azodin KP3.  The KP3 is one of the few remaining pump paintball guns made even though it was the original form of paintball gun.  Their electronic and mechanical options are budget friendly so if you are purchasing on a budget, then Azodin should definitely be on your radar!

Bob Long Paintball Guns: 

Bob Long was an actual dude who made GREAT paintball guns.  Bob Long was known for making very efficient and smooth markers.  However, Bob Long is no longer a manufacturer and these guns can only be found on the used market.  Bob Long is now known as Field One Paintball as certain players from professional team Dynasty purchased all rights a few years ago (roughly 2016 time era)

BT Paintball Guns:

Battle Tested, also known at BT, had a few varieties of mechanical paintball guns.  However, BT has over time been discontinued as it is part of Kore Outdoors (previously known as GI Sportz)

Dangerous Power Paintball Guns: 

Dangerous Power have a few types of entry level speedball style paintball guns.  Dangerous Power is known to compete with popular electronic markers like the Empire Mini GS.  These guns are relatively reliable and are a great option for those who are wanting to get into an electronic gun.

Dye Paintball Guns: 

Dye Paintball is one of the older paintball gun manufacturers.  Dye Paintball was known for the Dye Matrix paintball gun released in 2003.  Since then, Dye Paintball has released many versions of the Dye Matrix.  The CZR paintball guns offer an entry level paintball gun option while the DSR and M3+ offer great performance for a mid-level and high-end paintball gun.  Dye is known for having some of the highest quality markers on the market.  Although they are not the simplest, they are very smooth shooting paintball guns and have great colors and anodizing schemes.  

Empire Paintball Guns:

Empire Paintball guns have some of the most popular styles on the market.  The Empire Mini GS paintball gun and Empire Axe 2.0 are extremely popular for good reason as they are very reliable with a smooth shot and great features for intermediate players.  Other Empire paintball guns include the discontinued Vanquish GT and the Autococker style Empire Resurrection which is very popular for those who want something similar to the less produced Autococker style paintball gun. Empire Paintball is now owned by the umbrella company Kore Outdoor, previously known as GI Sportz.

Field One Paintball Guns: 

Field One paintball guns have just been released to the market as the Field One Force.  Field One is the revised company of Bob Long and the Field One Force has set the standard for quality.  The Field One Force is built extremely well and is definitely a marker that should be considered for anyone in the market for the highest end paintball guns.  Punisher's PB expects that Field One will be releasing different styles of paintball guns in the near future.  Any player with an old Bob Long should contact Field One Paintball for any tech support needed. 

First Strike Paintball Guns: 

First Strike Paintball Guns make milsim paintball markers.  First Strike makes the FSC paintball pistol which is capable of shooting First Strike rounds.  The First Strike T15 Magfed paintball gun is probably the most realistic of all paintball guns.  First Strike brings great quality paintball markers for those paintball players trying to get the most realistic feel.

GoG Paintball Guns: 

GoG, previously known as Smart Parts, is an umbrella company that also makes Shocker Paintball and DLX Luxe.  The GoG branch focuses on the GoG eNMEy, which are cheap paintball guns but offer phenomenal performance for the price.  GoG is known for a smooth shooting and reliable beginner paintball gun.  They are often rentals at paintball fields due to this reason.  

HK Army Paintball Guns:

HK Army puts a stylish spin on popular paintball guns including the DLX Luxe X, Planet Eclipse CS2 pro, and Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R.  HK Army paintball guns feature more appealing milling as well as some other possible features depending upon the version.  HK Army has yet to make their own paintball gun and only do HK Army versions of other brands at the current time. 

Kingman/Spyder Paintball Guns: 

Spyder Paintball makes cheap paintball guns that are a budget friendly option for someone getting into the sport. Spyder markers are known for offering good performance for the price as well as some nice features including easy disassembly and good color options.

Luxe Paintball Guns: 

Luxe Paintball is the Lamborghini brand of paintball guns.  Luxe has earned a major stakehold on the paintball marker market due to their amazing features and smooth shot.  Luxe common features include a rechargeable battery, a board that talks to you, and stylish designs and annodizing colors.  

MacDev Paintball Guns:

MacDev is an Australian paintball gun company. MacDev markers offer some great features and are overall good shooters.  MacDev has released many different paintball guns but the Prime XTS is their current high end flagship paintball gun.  MacDev has had other popular guns at a more affordable price range including the Clone 5 and Drone 2.  We are hoping that MacDev releases another paintball gun soon to compete with other popular brands as we are a fan of their guns. 

MagFed Paintball Guns:

As in the actual title of the name, magfed paintball guns are markers that get their paintballs through a realistic magazine.  Popular brands that offer magfed paintball guns include First Strike, Tippmann, and Planet Eclipse.  More players are exploring this style of paintball play as it is a fun and exciting experience to simulate a realistic gun on the paintball field with your paintball gun. 

Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns: 

Planet Eclipse paintball guns take the crown.  Planet Eclipse is arguably the most popular brand as they have many different styles and price ranges.  Planet Eclipse makes mechanical and electronic paintball guns.  The beginner priced Planet Eclipse Emek is one of the most popular paintball guns.  The magfed version of this, the Planet Eclipse EMF100 has taken the magfed world by storm.  Their electronic paintball gun collection includes the mid-priced Planet Eclipse Etha 2.  However, Planet Eclipse shines in their higher end electronic paintball guns.  The Planet Eclipse Geo 4, LV1.6, and CS2 pro are known for their amazing features including different fire modes, firing rates, smooth shot, and great reliability/quality. 

Shocker Paintball Guns:

Shocker Paintball is one of the most well known electronic paintball guns of all time.  Shocker is one of the brands under umbrella company of DLX and GoG.  The newest version of the Shocker, the Shocker Amp, has really taken off in popularity.  Shocker paintball guns are known for being reliable, smooth shooting, and efficient.  One thing that sets the Shocker apart is their small size and light weight.  

Tippmann Paintball Guns:

Tippmann is the OG of paintball guns. Tippmann is probably the most recognizable worldwide brand due to offering cheap paintball guns that are very reliable.  With that said, Tippmann has evolved in the last decade.  Tippmann paintball guns have maintained their bulletproof design while bringing cooler designs.  While you can still get the Tippmann 98 Custom, the flagship paintball marker for Tippmann, the Tippmann Stormer line of paintball guns brings a more stylish design with a picatinny rail to mount sights, laser dot scopes, and more!  Tippmann has also evolved their brand of paintball guns into the magfed world with the Tippmann TMC and the Tippmann Stormer Elite

Valken Paintball Guns: 

Valken makes cheap paintball guns that are often relatively realistic.  Their mechanical paintball guns are very similar in design to the Tippmanns.  These beginner level mechanical guns are very reliable, shoot semi auto, and are used as rental markers at paintball fields all over the world for a reason. Valken also offers entry level electronic paintball guns.  These electronic markers have some great features including different fire modes and a LED display.


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