Protoyz Speedster Paintball Loader - Black

By protoyz

The Speedster paintball loader is a new electric paintball loader option within the market.  The Protoyz Speedster loader is a great budget loader as it retails well under $100 but has some great features.  The Speedster has a toolless disassembly which makes it easy to maintenance.  Another nice feature of the electric hopper is the illuminated push button ON/OFF.  This allows for players to easily tell if their paintball loader is on.  The tough GRN plastic composite shell makes it basically indestructible.  The shell separates into a top and bottom portion, very similar to the Dye LTR hopper.  Inside the loader is a 4 piece propeller that agitates based upon an eye system.  This feeding system can achieve a higher feed rate of about 10-12 balls per second (BPS) which is enough for electric paintball guns.  You could even possibly play a paintball tournament depending upon the fire mode that is allowed.  Powering the Speedster requires 4 AA batteries to power the loader and boasts a low power consumption to get the longest battery life out of your loader!  The last cool feature of the loader is that you can switch between 0.68 caliber paintballs and 0.50 caliber paintballs using a small 0.50 cal insert sleeve adapter that is provided with the Speedster.  There are not many other loaders on the market that can feed either common sized paintball except for the Valken VSL.

+ Convertible from .68 to .50cal
+ 50cal adaptor (included)
+ Tough GRN construction
+ Toolless assembly
+ Light barrier supported feeding technology
+ Very low power consumption
+ Easy to clean
+ Large agitator paddle system
+ 10bps+ feed rate
+ Anti-tamper on/off button for field use (included)
+ Capacity: 210 68cal / 500 50cal paintballs
+ Power source: 4x AA 1.5v batteries
+ Length: 23.9 cm / 9.41"
+ Width: 11.30 cm / 4.45"
+ Height: 12.7 cm / 5"
+ Weight: 
559g / 19.71oz (without batteries)