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Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

The Empire Mini GS is the newest improvement of a paintball marker legend, the Invert Mini.  Considered one of the best entry level paintball markers that money can buy, the Mini GS paintball gun has many great features including a hoseless design, 2 piece aluminum barrel, On/Off ASA, and more!  It's the perfect inexpensive paintball marker because it shoots smooth and fast.  It is based off of the battle proven Mini bolt system which has been shown to be extremely reliable.

The Mini GS has some new and improved features that make it one of the best beginner electronic paintball gun.  First off, this paintball gun is fully aluminum with ASA and foregrip attachment points have been beefed up for extra strength and superior performance. The On/Off ASA eliminates any thread issues.  When the day of play is over, players can use the lever to turn off the ASA and the paintball gun will release its pressure via the venting ASA regulator.

The ergonomics of the marker feel great in the hands.  The full wrap around rubber fore grip with detailed spacings for fingers creates a great feel.  This rubber fore grip also protects against paint and weather elements such as rain and dirt.  The hoseless design of the Mini GS also keeps maintenance at a minimum and any macroline out of the way during play. The markers small size makes it an excellent choice for younger players really looking to step up their game at an early age.  The aluminum design makes the marker very durable and lightweight.

Inside the fore grip is the LED board of the Mini GS powered by a 9V battery.  The LED board offers different common settings including the popular semi-auto and NXL ramping firing modes.  You can also upgrade the LED board to the drop-in OLED Redline board for a premium feature.  The Mini GS Redline board allows you to see common settings of the marker including if the integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes are on or off!  

Maintenance of the Mini GS paintball gun is very simple as well.  Smooth removal of the bolt system can be accomplished by simply removing one Allen screw at the rear of the marker.  Once the bolt system has been removed, simply wipe off old paint and dirt.  Reapply lube that is included with the marker and you are ready to get back on the field!  The aluminum design of the marker gives the Mini GS a premium feel.   

Accuracy is the name of the game in paintball, and the ported micro-honed two-piece Empire Driver barrel gives you the best possible chance of hitting every shot!

Here is our comprehensive review of this great paintball marker!


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