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Dye Ultralite and UL-S Paintball Barrels

Dye Ultralite Barrels have been some of the most fundamental and highest grade paintball barrels of all time.  The newest innovation from Dye Paintball features the Dye UL-S barrel which is the new and improved version of the original Dye UL.  The UL-S barrel has been improved in a few different areas to make the barrel more modern.  First, the 8 inchbarrel back has been elongated to ensure ultimate accuracy and efficiency.  The longer barrel back has been a recent advancement in barrel technology by theoretically increasing efficiency due to a longer barrel travel time while the paintball is still within the bore.  This allows for less air consumption due to less air escaping around the ball as it exits the barrel.  The linear porting is relatively similar in the original UL barrel but overall there is less porting than the UL barrel.  This does not affect the UL-s sound signature which is still very quiet.  Lastly, the UL-S barrel has much less overall metal than the original Dye UL barrel.  Dye has shaved down as much metal from the barrel while still allowing for ultimate reliability.  The 7 inch precision honed tip no longer has a larger barrel tip with excess metal.  This has been shaved down for weight purposes.  The UL-S also points much better than the UL in our personal opinion.  

There is a reason why this barrel system is now on the premier Dye Flagship marker, the Dye M3+ Paintball Gun.  Why not put it on your autococker threaded paintball gun and see why it is worth it!

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