Planet Eclipse Geo R5

NEW GR Drivetrain, Improved Egronomics, Concealed Eye Covers & MORE!



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Punisher's Paintball Store

Originally founded in the early 2000's, Punisher's Paintball has been a staple in the paintball community for almost 2 decades. We strive to bring our honest input into the paintball industry while offering amazing customer service. At Punisher's Paintball, we are all paintball players that want to see you succeed in what you do. Whether you're a competitive speedball player or a weekend recreational player, we are here to support all your paintball needs!

Paintball Guns

Shop our large selection of paintball guns ranging from beginner paintball guns all the way to advanced electronic paintball guns! We have everything you need no matter your experience level!

Popular Collections

Paintball Tanks

Punisher's Paintball caries a wide variety of paintball tanks including CO2 tanks as well as compressed air tanks. We offer aluminum compressed air tanks as well as high end carbon fiber paintball tanks!

Paintball Hoppers

Paintball hoppers are a necessary item to have in your gearbag. We offer basic gravity fed hoppers all the way to the most sophisticated electronic paintball hoppers!

Paintball Masks

Looking for a new paintball mask? Punisher's has a wide range of anti fog paintball masks that offer great style and protection. We can help you find the best mask for paintball!

From the people
From the people
Punisher's has the best customer service around. Whether online or on the phone, their employees are always friendly and polite. If there is an issue with an order, they strive to come to the best possible resolution for the customer.
— J. S.
From the people
If you are thinking of upgrading your paintball gear, you have to go with Punishers PB! Their customer service and selection is top notch. We traded in our markers to get a brand new Planet Eclipse Gtek 180R, Joel and the team worked with us and gave us a great deal! They are great people, and treat you like family.
— Brandon B.

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