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Airsoft is a game where plastic BBs are shot at other players while protected with protective gear. A very fundamental part of airsoft equipment is the airsoft BB.  Airsoft BBs feature different sizes, weight, material, color, price, and quantity.

Size of Airsoft BBs:

Almost all Airsoft BBs are 6 mm in size.  This means that the diameter of the airsoft BB is 6 mm and is the most standard size of airsoft BB.  However, there is a 8 mm airsoft BB as well.  The standard sizing of Airsoft BBs allow for easier purchasing of BBs because they is little variance in the size of Airsoft BBs.  Airsoft BBs are made slightly smaller than the 6mm diameter size to ensure easy travel down the barrel of airsoft pistols, airsoft rifles, and airsoft sniper guns.  A very small variance of around 0.05 mm is given to ensure that there is minimal space around the airsoft bb in the barrel of the airsoft gun to get maximum velocity.


Weight of airsoft BBs varies from 0.12 gram to 0.40 gram.  The difference in weight of Airsoft BBs gives players the option to choose the type of performance that they want out of their airsoft guns.  The most common three weights of Airsoft BBs are 0.12 gram, 0.20, and 0.25 gram.  0.28 gram Airsoft BBs are also popular.

0.12 gram Airsoft BBs are considered to be for less powerful airsoft guns.  The reason for this is that the 0.12 BBs are designed with a hollow inside.  The hollow inside is how the weight is kept low. Since these Airsoft BBs are hollow inside, it makes them more prone to shattering with higher power airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, and airsoft snipers.  These Airsoft BBs are usually cheaper due to this reason.  With heavier Airsoft BBs, the range of the Airsoft BBs increases due to the heavier mass and the greater power of the airsoft gun powering them.  Most of these Airsoft BBs are used in airsoft guns that shoot well over 300 FPS (feet per second). Mid range weight for Airsoft BBs are from 0.20 gram to 0.28 gram.  These Airsoft BBs are the most versatile due to their mid range capability, range of airsoft guns that can be used to shoot them, and ease of ability to purchase.

Heavier BBs like 0.30 gram to 0.40 gram Airsoft BBs are used for airsoft sniper rifles and high powered AEG (automatic electric gun) airsoft rifles.  These heavy Airsoft BBs are more stable during flight as well as more accurate due to less variation in the flight path of the plastic airsoft BBs.


The two types of material that make Airsoft BBs are biodegradable and non-biodegradable plastic.  Non-biodegradable Airsoft BBs are usually made of the plastic acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).  These Airsoft BBs are cheaper than biodegradable Airsoft BBs and do not biodegrade over time.  This makes these Airsoft BBs not friendly to the environment and are not water soluble.  Since this ABS plastic does not biodegrade, most outdoor airsoft fields do not permit airsoft players to use them when playing.  However, some indoor fields may allow for ABS Airsoft BBs to be used due to the ability of the field to collect these BBs after play.  

The other form of Airsoft BBs are made of biodegradable plastic.  These airsoft BBs are usually made of polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA).  This plastic is made from natural resources and renewable materials including corn products and certain starches.  These BBs also break down into water and carbon dioxide within 2 to 3 months in the outdoors.  For this reason, these Airsoft BBs are used at most outdoor fields. 


Another choice that airsofters will be presented with is the color of airsoft BB that they want to purchase.  Airsoft BBs come in all sorts of colors including light and dark colored BBs.  Each shade of airsoft BB has its advantage.  Lighter colored Airsoft BBs are easier to see for the shooter.  It is also easier to see these BBs in indoor settings to be picked up if they are non-biodegradable.  Darker colored BBs are not as easy to see for the shooter.  However, this also presents the advantage of the target not able to see the incoming BB mid flight.  


Most Airsoft BBs are sold by the multiple thousands due to the high rate of fire of airsoft guns and small size of the BB themselves.  Most manufacturers feature a 2,500 to 2,700 airsoft BB selection to a 5,000 count BB option.  


Airsoft BBs are relatively inexpensive compared to their paintball counterparts. Airsoft BBs will cost you between $15-25 for 5,000 BBs!  That allows most players to shoot a lot without breaking the bank.  Expect to pay more money for higher quality and heavier BBs.  Heavier BBs have a better accuracy and usually a better build quality making them more expensive. 

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