HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants - Amp - V2 Jogger Fit - Medium

By HKArmy

The new and improved V2 Jogger fit of the Freeline Paintball pants feature a tighter fit around the legs for a tapered fit while playing.  Less baggage makes players feel more versatile while running and diving!

When it comes to quality paintball pants, there are 4 key features to look for; You want your pant to be Durable, Flexible, Lightweight and Breathe well. All of which the HK Army Freeline Pant embodies. Our Freeline Pro Pants are designed for ultimate light weight comfort and superior durability.

Freeline Pro Pant 

The all new HK Army Freeline Pants utilize various new-age fabrics to provide flexibility in key areas, while maintaining a super lightweight base. Key features include Lightweight Fabric with strategic ventilation points, Reflective Design and Logo areas, built-in knee and crotch padding, aero-mesh crotch ventilation, adjustable elastic waistband, adjustable ankle straps, integrated pockets, leg ventilation, and ballistic kevlar knees.