Dye Resister 1.50S Premium Gearbag

By Dye


If you're the type of hardcore player who throws your gear in a bag after practice, and you don't touch it again until the next time you're at the field, the Resister 1.50S was made just for you. It has three compartments, and the main section is massive. The resister is the first thermal lined bag, boasting the first water-resistant exterior and interior. The resister's design keeps your gear cool on hot summer days, and stops your collected sweat from fermenting when the sun heats it up. When your gear has gone past the acceptable level of funk, you can empty it, wash it down inside and out, let it dry, and start the fungus culture experiment all over again. Made with the same durable construction as the rest of the dye dry line, you won't have to worry about wear. It also features a front internal thermal compartment for your goggles (which also doubles as a cooler for cold ones after your victory), as well as plenty of space for the rest of your hard and soft gear.


100% Water Resistant Construction

  • Thermal Insulated Optics Compartment(Or A Cooler For Your Cold One's)
  • Large Playing Gear Compartment
  • Cleat & Pod Compartment
  • Telescopic Handle
  • All Terrain Roller Wheels
  • Compartmentalized Personal Care Zipper Pockets
  • Weather Sealed Personal Items Pocket
  • Load Tightening System
  • Memory Foam Carrying Handles
  • Id Card Holder
  • Dimensions L33.5 X W19 X H16.5