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NEW Shocker from Shocker Paintball?! - A Speculation Blog

Posted on September 18 2020

by:Doug Lamont
photo/video credit: Yosh Designs

     If you haven’t heard, the rumor right now is that Shocker Paintball is on the verge of releasing a new gun. Speculation started following a YouTube video posted by Yosh Designs of a closed practice between Houston Heat, AC Diesel, X-Factor and Paintball Fit, hosted at Paintball Fit in Waxahachie, Texas. 

     During the practice video, somewhere in the six minute mark we get a really clear shot of a paintball gun that eerily resembles the Shocker XLS.  Screenshotting and zooming in on the image shows what appears to be the Shocker emblem on the body of the gun, along with a very similar looking trigger guard and foregrip. 

     The player proceeds to run and gun down the field right in front of the camera so we get a good listen at the sound signature of the gun, which does very closely resemble that of the current Shocker XLS. 

     Some points to note about the visuals of the gun are first that the rubber material on the foregrip seems to be recessed or flush with the body of the gun, suggesting that on the alleged new addition of the Shocker, the rubber is actually integrated with the foregrip as opposed to being removable.

     Most notably, the back of the gun seems to protrude away from the body and have small grooves in it that one could possibly grab onto with their fingers. This is no more than a speculation, but it’s possible Shocker changed something about the bolt latch to address the occasional issue of the bolt coming out during play while the gun is aired up. This could be a more secure fastening system that is less prone to user error but still offers the preferred feature of toolless bolt removal. Additionally, if we look to where the eye covers are, they seem to have a whole new design, suggesting the possibility of toolless eye cover removal, similar to the Planet Eclipse 170r, a direct competitor to the Shocker.

     This author holds the opinion that the new gun will boast better efficiency. The Shocker XLS certainly already has no issues shooting through its fair share of paint on a single tank, but most manufacturers are always looking for new ways to push the envelope and improve their products.

     On the other side of the argument, it’s important to note that the alleged Shocker was in the hands of a player on a G.I. sponsored team, which has led some to believe it might be a G.I. Sportz edition Shocker. While nothing is impossible, I would find that hard to believe considering the comeback that shocker had to make as a brand following the closure of Smart Parts as a company. 

     What are your thoughts? Head over to our Instagram or Facebook and let us know if you think there will be a new Shocker this year! And as always, find all of your paintball needs at Punishers Paintball.


***Based out of Mansfield, Ohio, Punishers Paintball is dedicated to delivering premium products and even higher quality customer service, every time. Growing paintball is our mission and we take pride as ambassadors to the sport.***



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