Paintball loaders are an essential part of any paintball gearbag.  There are so many different brands of paintball loaders with different ranges in price and features.  We are only here today to talk about what is the best paintball loader of 2023, the Virtue Spire 5.


The Virtue Spire has been around along time and has claimed a large portion of the loader market due to it's great features along with extreme reliability.  The original Spire was revolutionary and became a direct competitor to Dye Paintball's Rotor loader.  

The Virtue Spire has gone through many different versions including the Spire, Spire IR, Spire 3, Spire IR2, Spire 4 and now the Virtue Spire 5.  So, what makes the Virtue Spire 5 the BEST paintball loader in the game?  

Well, it pretty much has every feature that you could wish for in a paintball loader.  The Spire 5 is unique in offering the dual sensor technology.  This is the main reason we feel that the Spire 5 is on top.  It takes the technology that made the Spire great in the first place, the accelerometer which agitates the drive cone based upon vibration that it senses.  This has always been feature in their top level loader including the Spire, Spire 3, Spire 4 and now Spire 5.  They then combined the very reliable 3-Infrared Sensors from the Spire IR and Spire IR2.  This creates a fool proof system of basically undeniable reliability.  You can combine this with an upgraded dual shell lock, toolless hinged shells, toolless drive cone and tray, AND a complimentary CrownSF II Speed Feed which helps make the deal sweeter for the very expensive price tag of $249.95.  

Some other loaders we should mention include the Spire IR2 which offers toolless shell, drive cone and tray but does not have the dual sensor technology and offers less overall capacity for paintballs.  The Dye LTR is a great budget option with a very robust build quality but does not have as many toolless features and is not as sleek or lightweight as the Virtue spire loaders.  The Dye R2 loader also offers high end performance with a cool shell that can transform between 200 round and 260 round capacity.  However, the R2 loader is known to sometimes have jamming issues.  The R2 also has cool designs and is offered at a better price than the Spire 5.  However, if we are not considering value and strictly choosing the best paintball loader, it is hard to argue against the Virtue Spire 5!

Joel Baker