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The Planet Eclipse Emek Paintball Marker.. The Best Mechanical Paintball Gun as of Today?

Posted on January 23 2020

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Paintball has a long history that stems all the way from the early 1980's when a group of men decided to turn air pistols into a game.  These air pistols originally were intended to mark cattle and trees for harvesting purposes.  Since then, paintball has developed into an international sport that encompasses many countries across the globe.  With that, the paintball industry has developed great products to support this great sport.  Paintball guns have developed along the way with many developments including electronics, eye systems, and gas-thru grips.  

Although these developments have brought paintball into the 21st century, the basics of paintball guns has stayed the same.  The mechanical paintball gun still reigns as the winner when it comes to the beginner paintball player.  Mechanical paintball guns are less expensive as well as arguably more durable than their more expensive predecessors, the electronic speedball guns.  

Some of these mechanical guns that have been fundamental to bringing beginner paintball players to the paintball field every weekend include the Tippmann 98, Tippmann Cronus, Tippmann A-5, Empire BT-4, Kingman paintball guns, and Spyder paintball guns.  In recent days, there have been competitors to the Tippmann, Spyder, and Kingman lines like the Azodin paintball guns.  

There has been a large gap between the performance of these guns as compared to the electronic paintball guns.  The high operating pressures of these guns have made it very difficult to produce good shot quality and a paintball gun that can shoot brittle paintballs.  Electronic paintball guns feature a much softer shot along with shooting brittle paintballs due to regulating the tank input pressure via a high pressure regulator (HPR) and possibly a low pressure regulator (LPR) and a solenoid. 

Introducing the Planet Eclipse Emek Paintball Gun.  The Planet Eclipse Emek has broke many barriers that were needed within the mechanical paintball gun market.  Planet Eclipse has done a lot of groundbreaking things within making paintball markers but the Emek paintball marker may be one of the most important gun releases to date for Planet Eclipse.  The Emek is so groundbreaking because it offers high level performance at a price point that still makes it attainable as a first paintball gun.  The Planet Eclipse Emek is different than other mechanical guns of the current moment because of it's retail price of $219.99!  This price can make it possible to enter into paintball with your own paintball guns for less than $300.  

The first thing that makes the Planet Eclipse Emek such a game changing paintball marker is the low operating pressure of 135 psi with the spool valve operation of the gamma core.  The low operating pressure of the gamma core drivetrain that the Emek paintball marker features gives the Planet Eclipse Emek a great shot quality compared to other paintball guns within the same range.  The Emek paintball gun is markedly more expensive than the Tippmann Cronus or Tippmann 98 but is still within a price range that makes it attainable as a starting paintball package.  The Emek is within the same price range as the Tippmann A-5 which also features the unique cyclone feed system.  These three paintball guns do not operate at an astounding 135 psi which make the shot of the Tippmann 98, Cronus, and Tippmann A-5 much louder and with more recoil.  The low operating pressure of the Planet Eclipse Emek not only makes it much smoother than other mechanical guns within this price range but also makes it much more easy on brittle paintballs.  Tippmann paintball guns cannot shoot brittle paintballs as well as the Emek due to higher operating pressure of the Tippmann paintball markers.  No more breaking paintballs in the breech making it difficult to shoot accurately.  The Planet Eclipse Emek can shoot higher quality paintballs with ease.  This makes it appealing to experienced paintball players who want to have a mechanical paintball gun at a great price.  

The Shocker CVO from Shocker paintball and the Gtek M170R from Planet Eclipse also offer these high levels of performance at a much higher price.  The Shocker CVO retail price of $649.95 and the Gtek M170R at $659.95 are almost 3 times the price of the Emek.  The difference with these markers are better features like all-aluminum contruction, anodized colors, and on/off ASA.  However, the difference in shot quality of the Shocker CVO and Gtek M170R are minimal when compared to the Emek.  This allows the beginner paintball player shoot a mechanical paintball gun with high level performance for a fraction of the price.  

The Planet Eclipse Emek has allowed not only the beginner paintball player a phenomenal choice for their first paintball gun but it has also allowed paintball fields to offer a superior rental product.  The Emek paintball gun has changed the industry with the ability to get paintball fields the Emek in the hands of those people who are playing paintball for the first time.  The Emek is improving the overall paintball experience for every level of paintball player.  Not only does the Emek paintball gun allow every player a great experience but it also allows paintball field owners to have a marketable edge on the rental community giving paintball fields the option to introduce a greater experience to the first time paintball player.  Paintball sales have also shown to imcreasw with the Planet Eclipse Emek due to the more pleasurable experience of the improved shot quality. 

The Emek paintball Marker has also become a paintball field rental favorite due to its reliability.  The Planet Eclipse Emek is made of a highly durable Plastic composite material that is very durable.  The Emek’s gamma core bolt system has been shown in previous models to be very reliable.  So the Emek paintball gun can endure high levels of abuse in bad environments including cold, rain, mud, and extreme heat without fading performance! 

One last thing that makes the Emek possibly the best mechanical paintball gun of all time is the autococker barrel thread that the Planet Eclipse Emek features. Almost all paintball guns nowadays feature autococker thread barrels. The Emek is no exception and allows the Emek paintball marker to be highly upgradable with the availability of many great barrels. 

Some companies now even have built aftermarket triggers for the Emek to allow for shorter trigger pulls and better feeling ergonomics. 

Overall, Punisher’s PB highly recommends the Planet Eclipse Emek paintball gun for the price point. It is very difficult to find the level of performance and upgradability out of another marker at this price point. Great job Planet Eclipse!


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