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New Planet Eclipse Geo 4 Paintball Marker

Posted on June 23 2020

by Doug Lamont    


     Planet Eclipse built itself on making quality products that paintball players trust. The Geo 4 paintball gun is no exception to their standard of quality and is a mix of great features that Planet Eclipse perfected from a few different markers.


     The Planet Eclipse Geo 4 takes aesthetic influence from the CS2 and CS1 while using the beloved IVCore bolt system found in the Geo 3.5 and CS1, along with the rake trigger also found in the Gtek 170r. Visual likenesses aside, the Geo 4 is absolutely the combination of Planet Eclipse’s best features from the past few years compiled into one sleek, quiet, smooth and reliable paintball marker.

     Some wonder why Planet Eclipse would choose to go backward and use the IVCore bolt system instead of the newer and more efficient Gamma Core bolt found in the Gtek CS2 and 170r. Simply put, many players loved the shot of the IVCore for how soft it was and how smoothly the Geo 3.5 operated. Planet Eclipse appears to really have their ear to the ground on what their consumers want, and the Geo 4 doesn’t disappoint.

     This iteration of the IV Core bolt comes with a much needed update to the soft tip. Where the Geo 3.5 saw the soft tip as an external part of the bolt, the new Geo 4 actually has an inset soft tip, preventing the bolt stick issue known to eventually happen when the soft tip from the 3.5 wore down far enough. Now, the soft material is encased within the metal of the bolt and sees no friction with the inside of the gun, only ever making contact with the ball itself and vastly prolonging the life of your soft tip bolt!

     The Geo 4 weighs in at exactly two pounds with the barrel attached, making it lighter than the CS1 to which it has been compared. Similar to the rest of the Geo lineup is does still come with the adjustable Solenoid Flow Restrictor (SFR) which allows the user to adjust the bolt speed to their liking for an incredibly fine-tuned shot. With regards to the shot, our owner, Joel Baker, did a shooting comparison between the Geo 3.5 and the Geo 4 and says that the gun truly feels like the 3.5 shot, not the CS1 as some people speculated so far.

     The features that come stock on the Geo 4 are largely found on Planet Eclipse’s premium markers priced at $1500 and up, such as the FL aluminum barrel system, the same solenoid found in the new LV1.6 marker and tool-less eye covers like the ones found on the CS2. Note, the eyes themselves still use a small wire; they do not use the reflective beams found in the CS1 and CS2. The marker is powered by two AA batteries found in the foregrip of the gun, and changing these batteries is quick and easy thanks to the tool-less grip removal system. To top it off, the GeoIV comes with a low-rise feedneck as well.

     Premium features for a mid-tier price, backed by the quality that Planet Eclipse always offers. This is the first time we’ve seen a $1200 marker from Planet Eclipse, and they spared no expense to bring exactly what the player wanted. The GeoIV is the best example of “bang for your buck” in paintball markers and it even comes with a warranty from Planet Eclipse themselves. The savings players receive from great markers like this can be used to play more events with the National Xball League (NXL) and others all over the country.


     Shop online at Punishers Paintball to pick up the Geo 4 and take your game to the next level!



***Based out of Mansfield, Ohio, Punishers Paintball is dedicated to delivering premium products and even higher quality customer service, every time. Growing paintball is our mission and we take pride as ambassadors to the sport.***


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