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What's Different on the Shocker AMP (Advanced Modular Platform)?

Posted on February 02 2021

by: Doug Lamont
photo credit: Doug Lamont

By now we all know the Shocker Advanced Modular Platform (AMP) is out, and we’ve heard the controversy. But what is it that really separates the AMP from its predecessor, the Shocker XLS? Read on to find out!

     Visually, we can see the body and frame of the Shocker AMP definitely resembles that of the Shocker XLS. The most notable physical differences are the flattened bottom of the trigger frame and of course the new bolt latch system. But what’s really making all the difference is the internals of the Shocker AMP.

        pictured above: Keegan Gleason, Punishers Paintball   

     Let’s start with the eyes, specifically the lack of wires along the frame of the gun. There are still wires to connect the eyes themselves to the board, but the Shocker AMP boasts a thin piece of PCB board running along the body to carry the connection from the break-beam eyes themselves to the board. Protecting your board from the elements is the new weather-tough seal around the inside of the grips. The AMP grips feature an extra line that perfectly lines up with milling into the frame to completely seal your electronics from the elements, further adding to the known ruggedness of the Shocker platform.

     The Shocker AMP’s truly modular trait is in how easy it is to disassemble the marker. Remove one single screw from the back of the frame and open the hinge to take the body and frame apart – done! Simple as that (pictured above)! The solenoid is now also only connected to the board via electronic contact points, no more wires to pinch. The solenoid sits in its own little harness that keeps it from jostling around. Additionally, this makes converting your Shocker AMP paintball marker from an electronic paintball gun to a mechanical paintball gun. Truly, Shocker Paintball has innovated the game by taking the conversion process from a 20 minute job to a 10 minute job! Converting your Shocker AMP to a mechanical marker with the CC or Classic Conversion frame will be a breeze when they become available to the public! To touch briefly on that, the Classic Conversion frame will make your marker a mechanical paintball gun. This is the same idea as what the Shocker CVO is to the Shocker XLS.

        pictured above: Russell Jackson, Shocker Paintball


     Finally, the most notable update to the Shocker Paintball platform – the bolt system! First about the bolt is of course the twist-lock bolt latch. The Shocker RSX and Shocker XLS platforms had some issues with their bolts shooting out the back due to latching issues with the button-lock system. Shocker heard its users and addressed the issue with the Advanced Modular Platform! The Shocker AMP bolt now features the AMP Core – a divorced spool valve system. Essentially, the bolt itself and the firing mechanism are completely separated and no longer come as one solid piece. What’s the benefit? The bolt is now much lighter and requires less motivation to launch forward and hit a paintball out of the breech. That said, the Shocker AMP boasts an operating pressure of 110psi – very much on the low end of what’s available today. In addition to being extremely easy on paint, the Shocker AMP is also one of the most efficient markers in the game currently! Check out our Shocker AMP efficiency video to find out how many pods we go through on Colton Doll’s 68ci tank!

     How does the Shocker AMP feel when you shoot it? The ergonomics of the gun will feel very similar to that of the Shocker XLS, but the shot feels smoother. Not quite as smooth as the old Luxe shot, you still get feedback from the marker but it’s more controlled. To really get a side-by-side comparison, take a look at our Shocker AMP vs Shocker XLS comparison on YouTube!

     In the end, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Shocker AMP as your primary paintball marker. Use it for rec play, tournament play and mechanical tournament play at your leisure! After you’ve bought your Shocker AMP, make sure to fulfill all the rest of your paintball needs with Punishers Paintball!

***Based out of Mansfield, Ohio, Punishers Paintball is dedicated to delivering premium products and even higher quality customer service, every time. Growing paintball is our mission and we take pride as ambassadors to the sport.***



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