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Does Paintball Hurt? The Age Old Question for the First Time Paintball Player

Posted on March 16 2019

Have you ever thought about trying paintball?  Maybe you would like to, but the thought lingers in the back of your mind. Does it hurt to get shot by a paintball?  There is no simple answer to the question as each paintball player will give you a different answer.  However, there is some information out there to give you an idea what it may be like to get shot by a paintball gun your first time out at a paintball field.

Paintballs are a gelatin capsule filled with an oil or soap based fill.  These gelatin capsules have different levels of brittleness that allow the paintball to break.  One common misconception is that paintball is dangerous or violent.

Although paintballs can be fired in a rapid secession, with the use of paintball pads and protection, players can easily soften the blow and help prevent any bruising from getting shot from paintballs. Such forms of protection include padded paintball vests, neck protectors, armored gloves, and elbow/knee pads.

Paintball pads can be located here!

Above all, approved paintball masks to protect your face and eyes are always required. All of which can be found in the Punishers Paintball Ohio Paintball Store and website. Even without the use of pads however, many players still build up a tolerance to the pain and bruising of paintballs. All paintball parks will also have a set of rules and regulations in place to protect the paintball player. This includes minimum distance requirements between players to shoot at each other, maximum balls per second that can be fired, and velocity at which the paintballs are fired. Visit your local fields web page to find their rules and regulations.

When asking the typical paintball player, the average answer to this age old question is that it "smarts" or "stings". However this can change if you are shot within a twenty foot distance. This typically results in welting or bruising.  Most commonly, being shot with a paintball is compared to snapping yourself with a rubber-band. Because of these factors the recommended age for paintball is twelve and above. 

For many new players, the fear of getting hit with a paintball is much worse than the actual feeling of getting hit! If this is a primary concern of yours, ask your local field if they have low-impact paintball packages. Low-impact paintball offers the same amount of fun and excitement as standard paintball, just with less sting. Low-impact users will not mix with the standard paintball users. Find low-impact markers and paintballs at Punishers Paintball website.

So, does it hurt to get hit with a paintball? Most commonly it is compared to nothing more than the sting of a rubber band with the occasional bruise or welting. To negate this, your body may build up its own resistance, or several forms of pads and protection can be used to eliminate the feeling! If your overall fear is whats stopping you, low-impact paintball may be a viable option. No matter what though, every field will have rules and regulations in place to protect you and those around you. Visit Punishers Paintball website for your one stop shop for all pads & protection, masks, and low-impact options.





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