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Field One Force vs. Planet Eclipse Cs2 Pro Paintball Gun

Posted on July 19 2021

The Field One Force and Planet Eclipse Cs2 Pro Paintball Guns are 2 of the most popular high-end electronic paintball guns on the market.  These markers offer optimal performance, ergonomics and features.  The Field One Force features the very popular Ascu-lock barrel system, Either option between the Force and CS2 is a great choice, but we at Punisher's PB are here to distinguish which comes out as the victor between these two very expensive paintball guns!

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Field One Force: 

The Field One Force is the newest invention from Field One Paintball.  A few players from the professional NXL team Dynasty purchased the company Bob Long multiple years ago from Bob Long.  Within the purchase, the Dynasty players with ownership took over the rights of the parts of previous Bob Long guns including the Bob Long G6R, Bob Long Onslaught, Bob Long Insight, Bob Long Marq, and more.  

It wasn't long before word came around that the Dynasty players would be having a go at their own interpretation of Bob Long's spool valve designs with the Force paintball gun.  The Force features some new options that other high end paintball guns do not while maintaining the high quality of the Bob Long brand.  Field One is now it's own brand with the introduction of the Field One Force!

Planet Eclipse Cs2 Pro:

The CS2 was released 2-3 years ago and was the new flagship marker from Planet Eclipse.  Around the skeleton of the CS2 is the notorious gamma core drivetrain.  The original drivetrain was introduced with the Planet Eclipse Gtek and has turned into a well recognized and notorious bolt system with many different revelations along the way. This was a new variation from the Planet Eclipse CS1 and CS1.5 which featured the IV core which had a much more "poofier" shot profile. 

Since then, the Cs2 pro is the latest version of the CS2 platform of paintball guns which includes new minimal styled milling, a Scythe and blade trigger, and 3 FL inserts for a full barrel kit.  


The Field One Force is distinguished with premier packaging which includes a nice box with magnetic lid.  Opening the box reveals a marker case with heavy duty metal zipper.  This case is very nice and does a good job of protecting the Force and barrel system packaged inside.  Inside the marker case, you can  access the marker on one side.  There is no designated cutout to place the marker, but rather some velcro bands that are designed to go around the trigger frame, fore grip, and body of the marker to hold it in place.  On the other side of this case, you can access the Acculock barrel system, parts kit, lube, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and shoulder strap.  A unique and nice included touch from the Dynasty team includes a Dynasty trading card of a player as well a signed tech card to ensure that the marker was checked before shipment.  

The Planet Eclipse Cs2 pro case is an all metal case that ships with a cardboard box.  The aluminum case has a nice metal zipper as well.  Opening the case reveals the marker, FL barrel system, Planet Eclipse tool tube (Allen keys to work on the marker), parts kit including multiple o-rings of every size, barrel cover, ST3 soft tip bolt, blade and Scythe triggers, and full color paper manual.  

Overall, both of these packages are very nice and will do a great job of protecting your investment.  Regarding how things are laid out, the Planet Eclipse Cs2 pro case seems to be slightly more protective and easier to access the marker and other things included with your purchase.  


The PE Cs2 pro features the FL barrel system including 3 FL inserts sizes 0.681, 0.685, and 0.689.  The aluminum Shaft FL tip is different from the original CS2 which shipped with the carbon fiber FL tip.  While the carbon fiber tip was lightweight, the shot signature of the Cs2 pro seems to be slightly quieter with the aluminum FL tip.  Spiral porting of the FL tip and tapered design allows for easy pointing of the marker and the FL barrel system is a very popular barrel for good reason.  

The Acculock barrel of the Field One Force is an enticing feature of the Force.  The acculock design includes 0.683 and 0.691 inserts which slide into the barrel back and fall into a slotted lock position which is secured when the barrel tip is screwed into place.  The Autococker barrel threads of the acculock inserts are included on the insert instead of the barrel back which is a different design from other barrels including the Freak XL barrel and the Shaft FL barrel.  Lastly, the porting of the Acculock barrel is linear instead of the spiral porting of the Shaft FL barrel.  

Overall, both of these barrels are great.  However, the Shaft FL barrel system has the advantage in this case due to offering 3 bore sizes with less variation in size than the Acculock barrel of the Field One Force.  For this reason, the Shaft FL wins the barrel war but the Acculock design is still an industry changing design that should be noted.  


Feedneck of both guns feature an aluminum design with lever lock design.  

Bolt System:

The nucleus engine of the Field One Force is a new design that is very visually different than other bolts.  The inset volume chamber has a lot of open milling to allow for airflow.  The actual bolt is relatively minimal in mass to hopefully aim for maximum efficiency, shot quality, and reliability.  Something that has been noted about the Nucleus engine is the ability to shoot very brittle paintballs which makes it a great candidate for tournament paintball players.  

The gamma pro core bolt system of the Planet Eclipse Cs2 pro has been proven to be one of the most reliable spool / poppet hybrid designs ever offered in a paintball gun.  The ability to use this bolt system in any environment including rain or shine, dirt, mud, cold and warm temperatures make it VERY appealing.  The gamma pro core operates at a very low 105-110 PSI and is very smooth with very little recoil.  Paint handling with the Cs2 pro is very good and is optimized with 2 bolts including the soft tip bolt that is included upon purchase.  The GP Core "revised 3-stage bolt acceleration profile, revised flow paths through the system that critically shape of the power pulse behind the ball, and a new 3rd Gen ST (Soft Touch) bolt mean that the GP Core and the CS2 Pro is capable of shooting the most fragile tournament-grade paint possible."

Both of these markers offer very reliable bolt systems but the Cs2 pro wins this fight of bolt systems due to having a higher effficiency while maintaining the same level of reliability and paint handling abilities.  

Trigger Frame & Ergonomics:

The Field One Force ergonomics are very good as the fore grip is thin and aluminum by design.  The trigger frame is very similar to other Bob Long trigger frames including the Bob Long VCOM with an aluminum deuce trigger.  "Power Select" allows Force users to choose between a Lithium Polymer battery or AA batteries.  Another ergonomical feature of the Force is the GripShift technology which allows players to adjust the position of the fore grip for an extended feel or a very tight feel by moving the fore grip closer to the trigger guard.  The Cam Drive ASA is a tried and true ASA system by using a twist knob on the bottom of the ASA to engage your HPA tank.  The Force is very solid in the hands and is a larger gun than the Cs2 pro.  It is also heavier weighing in at about 2 pounds and 6 ounces.  

The ergonomics of the Cs2 pro are also very good.  Right off the bat, the Cs2 pro is lighter than the Field One Force by about 5-6 ounces.  The Cs2 pro weight is about 2 pounds.  The Cs2 pro has rubber grips on the front as well as the back.  The fore grip pulls down to give access to the 2 AA batteries that power the marker and the trigger frame grip gives access to the Cs2 pro main board and inline regulator.  The batteries, solenoid and breech sensors are now mounted directly into the frame.  There are no longer any components attached to the body of the marker at all. That means no contacts or terminals or plugs and sockets between the body and frame. The Cs2 pro also features a on/off ASA with the POPS ASA which uses a button to engage and release your HPA tank.  The Cs2 pro comes with both a blade and scythe style trigger that can easily be exchanged with 1 Allen key.  

Overall, the Cs2 pro feels great and much more minimal in the hands than the Field One Force.  The Force feels sturdier in the hands due to the all aluminum design. 


The Cs2 pro and Force both offer OLED screens that have many different variables that can be adjusted.  The Force electronics allow players to adjust all normal settings including the ROF (rate of fire), ROF with eyes off, dwell, debounce, eye power (the 4C eyes of the force are designed to illuminate!), fire mode, force shot on/off, timer, sounds, ABS, and more.  The 4C eyes allow the Force to reach high ROF levels without chopping paint.  However, the eyes of the Force need an Allen key to access instead of toolless with the Cs2 pro eyes.

The Cs2 pro electronics have some nice features not seen on the Field One Force.  First, the eye system of the Cs2 pro does not use an eye wire but instead is built into the frame using a reflective eye that talks to the upper eye system built into the eye cover.  The Cs2 pro board also has more adjustability including hardware and filter settings including BS empty, BS full, FSDO comp, FSDO delay, backlight color, training mode, and it is bluetooth capable!  This means that the Cs2 pro can be tuned with high end loaders such as the Virtue Spire 4 to work seamlessly by pulling the trigger to greater achieve steady streams of paint without hiccup! 

Overall Impressions / Summary:

Overall, both of these markers are great in their own right.  The Cs2 pro has better electronic tunability, more included barrel back inserts, is lighter weight and more streamlined than the Field One Force.  The Force does feel more solid in the hands as their is basically no plastic on the gun.  Annodizing options of the Field One Force include signature series designs from San Diego Dynasty players which is also a nice touch.  Lastly, the Acculock barrel, PowerSelect, and GripShift technology are different features offered only with the Field One Force.  The Force is also cheaper coming in at $1550 for stock colors while the Planet Eclipse Cs2 pro is currently $1650.  

With all of this considered, we at still feel that the Cs2 pro is the better selection as the important features like toolless eye covers, tool-less battery exchange, lightweight ergonomics, and efficiency win over the selective features of the Force. 

If you have read our comparison this far, thank you so much for hearing us out.  With that, we would love to hear YOUR opinion!  Please drop a comment below and sound off on our social media pages!!



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