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Planet Eclipse CS3 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse CS3





CS3 Features:


New Core - the OP Core Drivetrain

The NEW drive train powering the CS3 is called the OP Core, and it is thus far Planet Eclipse's most fine-tuned bolt produced. This spool valve marker utilizes a Fully Decoupled Drive (FDD) system and the OP Core itself is insensitive to dwell settings. What we have is a paintball gun with one of the LOWEST operating pressures in the game, coming in between 95-105 psi, brought in-part by the 50% larger valve chamber. The combination of these features of the OP Core Drivetrain resulted in reduced recoil and a quieter sound signature than previous CS model paintball markers.

The CS3 comes with two separate bolts - the High Flow FT Bolt and the Hard Tip Bolt. The reduced bolt force and incredibly low operating pressure make for a super smooth and low-recoil shot to ensure your equipment gives you the winning edge, every time.

Other CS3 Technical Features

The newly redesigned CS3 POPS Assembly is low-profile and sleek - no more unnecessary material in places it doesn't belong. The ergonomics of the Planet Eclipse CS3 revolve around letting you get an even closer grip to your paintball marker, with the grip frame being cut higher up closer to the bolt assembly and being aggressively angled to lead you into battle to OVERPOWER EVERYTHING.

The CS3 trigger is a 5-point adjustable trigger that also features blade control. Make the shot feel like your own, every time. You can set the angle virtually any way you desire very easily.

Offering the best possible anti-jam feeding capability in times of paintball loader failure, the CS3 comes with the DefTek Breech System (DBS), which is an offset inlet which makes it so that your paintballs only go one direction, not back up into your hopper.

S63 Barrel System with PWR Inserts

The S63 barrel from Planet Eclipse first came on the LV2, and now is standard on the new CS3 as well. This barrel system is Planet Eclipse's foray into using bore-inserts as their main barrel system, and it certainly has power. With multiple barrel sizes available, you have the power to match up bore sizes with virtually whatever paint you're shooting, and you can be confident in your barrel's performance.


Electronics on the CS3

The Planet Eclipse CS3 uses two AA-batteries and sports the Modular Marker Electronics Package (MME) which is expertly housed inside of its new tool-less wraparound textured grips. Access your settings on the CS3 through its OLED rear mounted heads-up display. Additionally, the CS3 is bluetooth compatible, which allows players to pair with the E-Portal Lite app to create custom firing settings and of course it can pair with bluetooth enabled hoppers, among many other features.


Other Key Features of the Planet Eclipse CS3

The CS3 is fully mech compatible - play mechanical paintball with the CS3

Tool-Less Battery Replacement

Micro USB Programming Port

Two-Piece Tool-Less Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips With Sealed Push-Button Console And Magnifying Display Lens

Hoseless Air Transfer System

Quick Release Toolless Eye Covers

Onboard Spare Detents

CS3 Frame with Extended Reach and Revised Grip Geometry

CS3 3D Milled Aluminum Body

CS3 Quick Release Bolt Mechanism



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