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Dye DSR+ Paintball Gun

Dye is proud to announce their newest offering to their product lineup, the DSR+ Paintball Gun. The DSR+ Paintball Gun comes in at a mid price-point, under the tournament proven M3+ Paintball Gun.

The DSR+ Paintball Gun offers many new and improved features that sets it apart from its predecessor the DSR.  Features such the New Edge2 Trigger, New Body Design, and the New Quick Turn Battery Cover Lock Knob.

The DSR+ is also featuring an Updated ARC+ Bolt System, Lever Lock Clamping Feed Neck, XL ASA Lever, Flex Face Bolt, Flex SFR Solenoid, Stronger Sticky Grips, Increased Grip Clearance between Frame and Fore Grip, and last but not least the 4th Gen Eye Pipe.  

The DSR+ Paintball Gun's new features allow you to custom tune the DSR+ solenoid to supply more or less air to ARC+ bolt. This is giving the player the freedom to make the shot signature as smooth as possible or get a crisp positive shot feedback. Resulting in a butter smooth, extremely efficient marker that is soft on the most brittle paint. All these New and Updated features together are simplifying and redefining what it means to compete at your top performance!

Dye has created an aggressive lightweight luxury paintball marker with simple body cuts, no visible external screws, with all the modern comforts to become one of paintballs elite players. The DSR+ Paintball Gun remains true to Dye's minimalistic mindset, everything you need, and nothing that you don't!

Product Description and Overview: 

Edge2 Trigger:

The all new Dye Edge2 Trigger is by far one of the biggest changes Dye made to this new line of paintball guns. The Edge2 Trigger offers an offset flat face design that improved leverage and sustainability when ramping your paintball gun. The brand new Edge2 Trigger is a fully adjustable trigger. This Edge2 Trigger upgrade allows adjustment modifications to the pre and post travel, activation point, and tension to make your trigger pull customizable to fit your style of play! 

The Edge2 trigger has been designed by world class competition shooters with the paintball player in mind. The flat face trigger design has been proven to be the best in the competition arena. The Edge2 Trigger's offset parallel faces gives a lower perch on the trigger that creates greater leverage for the trigger pull. Mid-point and tip joints on the Edge2 Trigger allows for positive feedback to occur against your fingers. This is definitely a world class trigger you must try! 

ARC+ Bolt Design: 

This by far is one of the best features the DSR+ Paintball Gun has to offer. Dye is using this ground breaking engine to give you a robust performance experience that is more reliable. The ARC+ Bolt is creating for you a smoother quieter shot with higher efficiency. The ARC+ Bolt optimizes flow path with its dwell independent valve control, air supply cut off, and an almost zero chamber expansion. This is a crucial design upgrade to the ARC+ Bolt that allows an increase in air efficiency. 

The ARC+ Bolt is also offering the paintball player a massive advantage to paint handling. The ARC+ Bolt's controlled bolt acceleration, air spring, impact bumpers, and ultra low operating pressures delivers that famous Dye 'smooth as butter' accurate shot that is gentle on paint. That soft touch Dye offers on paint is a direct result of their modern engineering.  

Lever Lock Clamping Feed Neck:

This is a great update for all of the players using their favorite Dye Loader the R-2. This fabulously updated lever lock clamping feed neck allows the player to securely lock their R-2 Paintball Loader onto the DSR+ without tools! Dye's incredible lever lock feed neck sits low and tight on the marker. This ensures that the Rotor Paintball Loader stay securely with a low profile like the rest of your gear.

XL ASA Lever:

The XL ASA Lever now comes with an easy turn EXTRA LARGE on/off lever. This is has no slip tractions lobes so gassing up the balanced UP TruCam Airport couldn't be any easier. This new design upgrade allows the recessed lever to protect the player from accidentally de-gassing the system. The XL ASA Lever's sleek compacted airport has been integrated with the Hyper 6 reg to allow for a simplified easy to service air handling cartridge, providing an incredibly efficient air flow. 

 Flex Face Bolt (Standard):

The Flex Face soft tip bolt is the perfect upgrade to paint handling. The Flex Face bolt tip allows the most brittle paint to pass gently through the breach. This feature helps assist against irregularly shaped paint from being clipped. 

 Flex SFR Bolt Solenoid:

At last Dye has used their modern engineering and has created a way for the paintball player to now custom tune the DSR+ solenoid. This means you can adjust the solenoid to supply more or less air to ARC+ bolt. The Flex SFR Bolt Solenoid now allows the paintball player to create a shot signature as smooth as he/she wants or get a crisp positive shot feedback. Dye has made the flow control lever easily accessible under the grip. This is extremely convenient with just a simple left or right turn will give your your best custom shot signature.  

4th Gen Eye Pipe: 

DYE’s very own patented Eye Pipe System is now entering into its 4th generation of refinement.  It does this with a now updated breech geometry and independent detents designed. These are designed to accommodate a wide variety of paint sizes including extremely small bore paint.

Dye has definitely created something worth having in this design. The 4th gen eye pipe shields the anti-chop eye system from becoming obscured by dirt and/or broken paint. It is made with a thick durable polycarbonate pipe that is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle. This amazing eye pipe design is a self-cleaning operation that ensures the eyes are always monitoring the breech.

This 4th gen eye pipe modification ensures your marker stays protected. Your paintball marker is safely guarded from harsh environments eliminating permanent performance hindering breech wear. The new shape design of the independent leaf spring detents are integrated into the Eye Pipe preventing double feeds and chopped paint. This is allowing for the elimination of bulky exterior eye plates.


Method Operating System - The DSR is powered by DYE’s Method Operating System. The MOS gives the operator unrestricted access to precision tuning and unsurpassed performance. The optimized MOS programming logic ensures lightning fast response time, long battery life, precision tuning, and dual player profiles to store your exact playing specifications. Communication between frame and body is facilitated through the Freewire Connector Pins. Compression pins ensure a positive connection between performance driving hardware and the MOS. DYE Freewire Connector Pins eliminate awkward wire routing and dramatically improve serviceability. The MOS is truly advanced performance in the palm of your hand.


The all-new Quick Release Bolt Assembly is a robust gate system with air lock that prevents accidental bolt release and securely holds the bolt in place. A simple push button system allows the user to remove and re-install the bolt kit in seconds. Standard maintenance has never been easier or more accessible.


The Hyper 6, now with a more efficient airflow path and consistent piston movement. The latest generation of DYE’s trusted line of regulators is the most reliable and consistent regulator DYE has produced to date. Updated with a single coil spring and top load assembly that allows for exceptionally easy service. Integrated into the Hyper 6 is a pressure bleed-off to ensure no air is trapped in the marker when degassed. Improvements focused on performance, reliability, and safety to ensure the best playing experience possible.

Freewire Connectors:

No wire between frame and body – quick disconnect, contact pad.  Eliminate awkward wire routing, and dramatically improve serviceability. Hindering breech wear. Extended life leaf spring ball detents are integrated into the EYE PIPE preventing double feeds and chopped paint, as well as eliminating the need for bulky exterior eye plates.

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