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First Strike Hero Air Systems

Posted on April 07 2017


I'll start by saying FS Hero tanks are roughly 3 oz heavier than their Ninja SL equivalent. The weight difference is so insignificant, you really need to look elsewhere for the big differences, so lets do that.

FS shows a hint of genius simply by the size profile of their tanks and their capacity. Anyone that uses a Ninja or comparable tank, can move up 1 size if they switch to FS. For example, the FS Hero 77/4500 tank has about the same profile and feel as a Ninja SL 68/4500. I think that is just brilliant. This is achieved by a much shorter regulator combined with a slightly wider bottle. Below is a comparison of the size difference I am talking about. 

FS Hero size comparison to Ninja SL  

FS 68/45, Ninja 68/45, FS 77/45, Ninja SL 77/45, FS 88/45

If you buy a Hero tank, it may be the last tank you ever buy. This is thanks to the UNISO certification, which is the highest certified tank in paintball. Unlike every other tank that expires 15 years after the born date, the Hero tanks are good for life! Of course they will still need to be re-hydro'd every 5 years, like everything else. 

FS Hero 4500 PSI Adjustable Regulator

I've heard so many times that FS carried over the same exact Myth regulator Guerrilla used in the past. This is not the case. The most obvious give away is the tool-less adjustable collar. This is the coolest feature I've ever seen on a regulator. To change the position of your fill nipple and psi gauge, you simply lift the magnetic collar and spin. Thats it. The internals have also been completely reworked, proving a much more consistent and reliable regulator. The Hero reg is extremely versatile and can be adjusted from low to high pressure.

FS Hero 4500 PSI Adjustable Tool less Collar

Now a few words from one of the many amazing people behind the company, Mark Ayers: 

"We work hard to provide all First Strike product with excellent service after the sale to the buying public and partnered paintball fields and stores. Doing that is very easy with our HPA Air systems. We stand behind our manufacturer warranty and will replace or send requested parts if needed to the player, paintball store or field in the event of an issue related to the made components. Clearly this service standard applies to the original retail purchaser.

The P3 G3 and Hero now all use the same updated internals which is why we have 1 oring kit, 1 parts kit, and several pressure drop in kits that are compatible with all 3 regs (3k 4.5k and Hero reg) The gas distribution body and piston are different than the first gen myth reg from 8 or so years ago. In fact no reg maker has the same reg from 8 years ago. We have had old reputations haunting our updated product and that is purely an incorrect perspective and not reflected in the field.

Case in point is Team Dynasty has been using our Hero systems for the last year and a half. We all know that Dynasty just won the first NXL event this year and the Hero Systems looked to work just fine. We have tons of confidence in our air systems to the point we don't need a tech in the pits for Dynasty. Now also with Infamous and, shortly, another high profile pro NXL team more examples of the performance will be referenced. I say all that to note the clear performance of the regulator and its ability to supply air to many different high end markers to put to rest baseless claims that our regulator can't recharge or keep up with the demand of NXL team guns. The Hero Air system that NXL pro teams use is the same model and internals available to the general buying public, so anyone can acquire the exact same performance Team Dynasty has used to help them win.

First Strike Hero air system is the only air system with a 38 year hydro life bottle and tool-less indexing of the Gauge and Fill nipple, while maintaining the shortest reg in the industry. All other regs require tools for their similar feature. First Strike regulators use a very user friendly main spring instead of potentially complex beveled shim stacks. Additionally the ISO cert is good all over the planet unlike only DOT certified tanks and the like. The First Strike Hero system is a buy it and forget it product that will provide decades of reliable performance."



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