In the recent few years, the gel blaster gun has come to high popularity due to its appealing fun factor.  A gel blaster is a toy gun which shoots super-absorbent water beads as projectiles.  These gel blasters are usually battery powered and are a fun toy for children and adults alike.  We are here to answer some common questions regarding the Gel Blaster for curious customers and concerned parents.  

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How does a Gel Blaster Work?

A gel blaster uses a battery powered coil-spring loaded piston air pump to power each shot of shooting the projectile.  These gel blasters are fed using some sort of magazine or "hopper" (plastic container which holds hundreds of these BB's) which is then fed into the firing chamber of the gel blaster and fired out the barrel! "Engineerable" on YouTube has a great explanation of how the Gel Blaster works!


The simple answer to this is yes, with parental supervision.  These toy guns are only shooting the water-absorbent gel BB's at a velocity that cannot do any serious damage to a child.  Think of it very similar to that of a Nerf gun as far as safety.  We definitely recommend using some sort of eye protection such as plastic safety glasses but they do not need any sort of safety rating.  Eyeglasses that do a good job of covering your child's eye will also suffice. 


How Much is a Gel Blaster? 

Gel Blasters are relatively inexpensive and usually do not surpass $75-100.  Most fall in the range of $25-50.  The gel blaster rounds are also inexpensive and you can usually buy 10,000-20,000 gel BB's for $10-15!  There are different designs of gel blasters including gel blaster pistols, nerf gel blasters, and gel blaster rifles.  Some resemble more of a toy version while others are more realistic which can change the price. 

Is a Gel Blaster Considered a Firearm? 

A gel blaster shoots 7-8mm sized gel-like BB's which only are fired at around 100-200 FPS (feet per second).  These gel blasters do not cause any real harm to the person getting shot.  According to Ohio State Law, Section 2923.11, a "(B)(1) "Firearm" means any deadly weapon capable of expelling or propelling one or more projectiles by the action of an explosive or combustible propellant. "Firearm" includes an unloaded firearm, and any firearm that is inoperable but that can readily be rendered operable."  A gel blaster certainly does not meet this criteria due to not having an "explosive or combustible propellant" and is certianly not deadly.  So, consider it more of a toy gun and have fun!


Joel Baker