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What is the Best Paintball Gun of 2021?

Posted on September 21 2021

The best paintball gun of 2021 is definitely one of the most challenging things to designate.  There are so many different paintball guns with great features, price points, and operations (Pump vs. Mechanical vs. MagFed vs. Electronic).  Each type of marker is going to have a different marker that takes the title for that chain.  However, we do think there is one paintball gun that sticks out for the rest in 2021, the DLX Luxe TM40.  

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The Luxe TM40 is the newest technology from DLX technologies and is categorized as a high end electronic paintball gun.  The price point of this marker is currently $1499.95.  With this price, the marker comes with a protective case, Allen keys, parts kit, charging cable and cube, DOW 33 lube, and matching Freak XL Barrel system. 

Mechanical Conversion:

The TM40 boasts many new great features including the ability of the marker to switch between mechanical frame and electronic frame quickly. The quick mechanical conversion is due to the Pro-Lock frame system, which uses a latch at the trigger frame rear and one at the front of the frame to remove the trigger guard from the TM40 body. 

Image: Back latch of the TM40 in the closed position

Once the trigger frame has been removed, the Luxe TM40's solenoid can also be removed without tools using the latch system of the solenoid manifold. 

Image: TM40 solenoid removed after flipping purple Solenoid latch to open position

Image: TM40 solenoid installed after flipping purple Solenoid latch to locked position

There is no other marker that has this feature which makes the TM40 revolutionary in this sense.  The direct competitors of the Luxe Tm40 include the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro (which has a mechanical frame but requires 2 screws to exchange frames), Field One Force, and Dye M3+ do not have mechanical frames at all.  This means that you can seamlessly switch between mechanical play and electronic play allowing players to no longer need a dedicated mechanical paintball gun. 


After a couple months of use, many players that have used the TM40 have reported very little issues with the marker.  Of course any marker may have issues when first released, DLX has done a phenomenal job with quality control.  The DLX Luxe X release was in many ways botched due to issues right off the bat with paint handling, detent issues, and overall reliability.  However, the TM40 is able to shoot the most brittle paint and we have seen paintballers with over 40K shots on their Tm40 with zero issues so far.  

Barrel System: 

The DLX Luxe TM40 comes with a world class Freak XL Barrel system.  This barrel uses freak XL inserts that are sleeves which slide in and out of the main barrel making it easy to switch between different bore sizes. 

Efficiency & Paint Handling: 

The new refined Luxe TM40 bolt system has been optimized in every way to ensure that it is as efficient, works flawlessly with the mechanical version (due to the integrated QEV (quick exhaust valve), and handles paint extremely well.  The operating pressure of the TM40 bolt system is around 110 PSI and can get around 12-14 pods from a 68/4500 paintball tank which is unheard of.  We have also tested this marker with ProShar tournament paintballs which broke at waist height during a drop test.  After 2 hoppers, the TM40 was still shooting flawlessly with zero chops or barrel breaks!

The shot quality of the TM40 is extremely smooth with very little recoil.  It is not nearly as snappy of a shot as its predecessor, the Luxe X, but more of a mix between the Luxe Ice and Luxe X.  


The main reason why we chose the Luxe TM40 as the 2021 marker of the year is because of the value within.  Some of the main features of the Luxe TM40 are not seen with its competitors such as the Dye M3+, Field One Force, or Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro.  These features include the pro-lock frame and toolless solenoid removal are ahead of its time.  The Luxe TM40 also has a large capacity rechargeable battery that is charged using a USB-C port to always keep you powered.  The bolt system is extremely efficient, smooth shooting, and handles brittle paint excellently.  Did we mention that the TM40 is also cheaper?  The TM40 retails at $1499.95 while the Field One Force is $1550, the Dye M3+ is $1599, and the CS2 Pro is $1649.95.

There is no other marker that can currently offer the features of the Luxe TM40 with the price that this marker is offered at.  So overall, this marker offers the best value within any marker for 2021.  It competes at the highest level with all the high-end paintball gun features while also having the option to play recreational paintball with the mechanical frame or compete in mechanical tournaments!



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  • Dean : February 18, 2022

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