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Ninja SL2 Carbon Fiber Paintball Tanks

Ninja SL2

Ninja SL2 68/4500

Ninja SL2

Ninja SL2 77/4500

Ninja SL2

Ninja SL2 90/4500

Ninja Paintball has been proven as one of the best paintball tank manufacturers within the business.  Ninja is known for making the highest of quality paintball regulators and paintball tanks.  These tanks stand the test of time and are what paintball players need to fuel their paintball guns while out on the paintball field.

The SL2 series of carbon fiber paintball tanks is Ninja Paintball's premiere line of carbon fiber paintball tanks.  Although there are other carbon fiber tanks offered by Ninja such as the Lite series of paintball tank, the SL2 is superior.  These Sl2 paintball tanks are the are the best quality and lightest weight paintball tanks within the industry.  These tanks are slightly narrower and longer in design compared to other paintball tanks out on the market such as the comparable Hero 2 carbon fiber paintball tank from First Strike.  Ninja bottles are thinner and more lightweight than the Hero 2 paintball tanks from First Strike.  

In conjunction with the amazingly lightweight and compact design of the SL2 tank comes the leading paintball regulator within the paintball industry.  These tanks come standard with Ninja's standard regulator.  The standard Ninja paintball regulator has adjustable output pressures of between 450-800 psi.  The output pressure is adjusted by removing the bonnet of the regulator and removing or adding shims to get the desired output pressure to match perfectly with your paintball gun.  You can upgrade this regulator to the ProV2 which has a rotationally adjustable design to place the fill nipple and pressure gauge exactly where you want it!  The ProV2 has the same adjustable output pressure range as the standard regulator.  Super low pressure (SLP) and super high pressure (SHP) are offered in the ProV2 regulator format for specific paintball markers.  

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