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Planet Eclipse Geo 4 Paintball Gun


The Planet Eclipse Geo 4 is the newest spool valve marker offered by Planet Eclipse.  One of the most reliable marker platforms ever has just gotten better! The PE Geo 4 brings many of the great features of its predecessor, the Geo 3.5, while offering some great new features.  Toolless access to the circuit board, breech sensors (eyes), detents, and batteries are new to the latest Geo marker while still maintaining easy access to the drivetrain by simply lifting up the bolt cap.  

The IV core bolt system is back and is at the heart of this marker.  The user-adjustable SFR (solenoid flow restrictor) is unique to the Geo platform of guns as it brings a truly decoupled breech-sensing valve while remaining dwell insensitive.  This means that simply turning the SFR can create a smoother more buttery shot (in the 3 o'clock position) or a snappier more responsive shot depending upon the shooter's preference. The cure ST2.5 bolt is different than the previous soft tip bolt of the IV core in previous models (Geo 3.5, CS1, CS1.5, CSR, etc.) in that the soft tip is embedded IN the bolt.  No more bolt tip that surrounds the circumference of the bolt which previously gave issues to extreme bolt stick. 

The IV core operates at a very low 135 PSI which coupled with the large volume of the firing chamber and modified bolt port geometry allows for great paint handling.  You can be confident in shooting the most brittle paintballs with the Geo 4 along with getting outstanding efficiency in all conditions similar to that of the Gamma Pro Core.  Here is our efficiency test of the Geo 4 (1523 shots with a Ninja SL2 77/4500 tank)


Brand new ergonomics have also been introduced.  First off, the Planet Eclipse Geo 4 offers a hoseless design with the Revised SL5 Inline Regulator in the trigger frame deleting the ATP (air thru pipe) or macroline of previous generation Geo's.  The CS2 back grip allows for simple removal by 2 simple snaps giving access to the circuit board.  This also allows for simple maintenance by removing the grips and running under hot water for grips that look brand new even after a hard day of play!  The rubber fore grip has been carried down from the CS1 platform of guns with a nicely contoured shape to perfectly fit the player's hand.  Battery exchange of 2 AA batteries is extremely simple by pulling down on the front handle to access the batteries.  The new bespoke custom milled body has also trimmed down a large amount of aluminum off the body allowing for weight reduction compared to the Planet Eclipse CS1.  The weight of the Geo 4 is 1.96 pounds including the FL Barrel system.  Lastly, the angle of the Geo 4 trigger frame is also closer to vertical than the CS1 platform of guns which makes the gun feel more compact and matches the angle of previous Geo models.  This makes the gun feel less elongated in the hands and makes you feel closer to the marker when your tank is at your shoulder.

The FL barrel includes one insert (0.689) that is color matching along with the aluminum 14.5" FL tip.  The spiral circle porting of the FL barrel makes for a great sound signature and the tapered barrel design makes for great "pointing" down range. 



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