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Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R

Planet Eclipse has done it again by releasing the new GTEK 170R.  Punisher's Paintball was in attendance of Paintball Extravaganza 2019 where Planet Eclipse released this new streamlined paintball gun.  The new Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R will set the new standard for mid-range paintball guns with great performance at a fraction of the price of high-end paintball guns such as the Planet Eclipse CS2 pro or DLX Luxe TM40.

This Gtek paintball gun platform has come a very long way within the last 4 years.  The original Gtek was a groundbreaking release of a paintball gun as it featured unrivaled reliability, shot quality, and ergonomics for a great price.  Originally released in 2015, the Gtek was the first time that the paintball industry was exposed the the gamma core paintball bolt system.  This bolt system was quickly recognized to be extremely efficient, quiet, and reliable.  It could shoot brittle paint in cold temperatures and the shot quality was phenomenally smooth compared to other paintball guns in the same price point such as the Empire Axe, Empire Axe Pro, SP Shocker RSX, etc. Although the Gtek was a great starting point for a mid-range gun offered by Planet Eclipse, it still had its issues such as the plastic composite trigger frame, macroline, and plastic feedneck.  The Gtek also did not come with an OLED board and was more difficult to program for things such as firing mode, rate of fire (ROF) indicator & cap, as well as parameters such as dwell.  Planet Eclipse realized the Gtek's weaknesses and within a year or so released the Gtek 160R which was a great compliment to the first gun of the platform. 

Planet Eclipse listened to paintball players.  The Gtek 160R featured many new additions to an already great paintball gun.  The gamma core was the base of what made the original Gtek so successful.  The 160R did not alter from this bolt system as well as kept the SL4 in-line regulator.  Where the Gtek 160R became better was it added many features to the marker that made it more up-to-date. Punisher's would like to mention that the Gtek 160R was noticeably more expensive than the original Gtek with a price difference of $200.  The Gtek 160R retailed at $699.99 while the Gtek was listed at $499.99.  The paintball parts added to the new paintball marker were very worth it however.  The most notable of all the additions of the Gtek 160R was the macroline was eliminated.  The Gtek 160R featured the ATP (air transfer pipe) that Planet Eclipse was noted for on the Geo 3.1 and Geo 3.5 Paintball guns.  The Gtek 160R also came standard with an OLED board which allowed for easier programming of paintball gun performance parameters.  The plastic parts of the Gtek were replaced with an aluminum trigger frame, aluminum clamping feedneck, and aluminum parts to the OOPS ASA to make the gun more robust. 

So how is the Gtek 170R different than its predecessor the Gtek 160R?  First off, Planet Eclipse did not vary from the iconic gamma core that was initially released in the Gtek.  The gamma core has now become such a popular bolt system that Planet Eclipse has discontinued the IV core that was standard in the Geo platform of guns.  The IV core was known for having issues with reliability in cold temperatures resulting in first shot drop off (FSDO).  The gamma core is not only more reliable but also presumably more efficient.  This core can not only be found in the Gtek paintball gun platform but also the Planet Eclipse Emek and even in the Planet Eclipse Cs2.

Once again, the Gtek 170R is just an updated version of the Gtek platform.  It was  predictable that Gtek 170R was going to feature a hoseless design which is a very common feature amongst most paintball guns.  The 170R does not disappoint in featuring not only a hoseless design but also toolless accessibility to change batteries.  The front rubber grip of the 170R pulls down without tools to expose one 9 Volt battery.  Very similar to the Planet Eclipse Cs2 with the only difference being that the Cs2 is powered by 2 AA batteries.  Not only does the 170R feature the same toolless on-the-fly access to your power source, but it also allows toolless access to the eye system.  With one slide of a eye cover lock, the eye covers can be removed to expose the eyes for easy cleaning after a long day of play.  We would like the mention that the 170R also does not protect its batteries like the Planet Eclipse Cs2 with enclosed plastic frame.  Other features of the Gtek 170R include the low rise feedneck that can be found in other high end paintball markers such as the Cs2, Lv1.5, etc.  Planet Eclipse maintained the OLED board from the Gtek 160R as it is a very vibrant OLED screen with high contrast.  The 14.5 inch shaft 5 barrel features a two-piece design that is recognized as a great barrel system with pin point accuracy. Design of the 170R is extremely nice with stream-lined milling.  The slick blade trigger gives the user a very nice feel in the hands with a four way adjustment. Lastly, Planet Eclipse added a great feature with the POPS ASA.  No longer do you have to unscrew the ASA at the end of a long day of play at your local paintball field.  A simple click of the ASA is enough to de-gas your paintball marker from your air system. 

Overall, Planet Eclipse released another paintball gun that features amazing ergonomics, efficiency, and reliability while not breaking the bank.  The mid price range of this paintball marker allows any paintball player to make this the next addition to their paintball collection.  

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