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Paintball Pod packs are another essential part of paintball gear that almost every paintball player has in their collection. Paintball games often require to shoot more than one loader full of paintballs which leaves players needing a way to reload. Paintballs can be loaded into paintball pods which hold anywhere from 100-150 extra paintballs to be loaded after your paintball loader runs out during the middle of a game. Depending on the type of paintball player that you are you may require only a few paintball pods or many paintball pods.

Punisher's Paintball offers paintball pod packs from many different paintball manufacturers including Bunker Kings, Contract Killer, Dye Paintball, HK Army, Virtue Paintball, and more. These paintball pod packs are made of durable material with velcro straps that allow paintball players to store their paintballs in pods without fear of losing them while on the paintball field. We feature strapped as well as strapless pod packs for the serious paintball player that may want to have the extra edge on getting paintballs into their loader a fraction of a second quicker than someone who has a strapped pod pack.

Reload your paintball loader more than once using a pod pack that was purchased from Punisher's Paintball at our Ohio Paintball Store or online at!

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DYE Alpha Pod - Red

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DYE Alpha Pod - Cyan

From $2.49 - $249.00
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