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Tippmann Stryker Paintball Guns

Tippmann Stryker Paintball Guns.  Get the Tippmann Stryker from Punisher's Paintball and get free shipping.  The Stryker Paintball Guns have four different designs to make them fit any type of scenario.  The Tippmann XR1 has a similar AR styled appearance.  The XR1 Stryker has breakbeam eyes and is fully pneumatic.  This is the same for the other Stryker Paintball Guns including the AR1, MP1, and MP2 Stryker.  

One of the main draws to Tippman paintball guns sinse the beginning has been their well-built, rugged, and still easy to maintain markers. This still holds true with the Tippman Stryker series paintball guns.

Newly improved and redesigned in 2019 for overall peak performance,  the Stryker is a .68 caliber, fully electro-pneumatic paintball marker. Improved upon was the bolt system for maximum performance, a modified solenoid system for reliability, and a reengineered regulator for consistency and adjustability. These features make it one the the equities and most smooth shooting spool-valve Tippmann guns ever designed! The Stryker Paintball Gun board is fully programable, coming with semi, burst, ramping, and full-auto options. Because it requires Allen keys to change the settings, these guns are completely tournament legal! 

Additional characteristics include a low pressure spool valve design, an anti-chop break beam eye system, adjustable shoulder stock, mounted rail for aftermarket accessories, ported aluminum barrel with shroud, customizable design, and an LED visual setting indicator. 

All of the Tippman Stryker's come auto cocker threaded to accommodate the vast majority of paintball barrels used in todays market!

With the quick and extremely easy to access maintenance, just lube your Stryker paintball gun to keep it in tip top shape year round. The reliability, performance, and customizability of this astonishing paintball maker says it all. 

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