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Virtue Spire 4 Paintball Loader

The Virtue Spire 4 offers the best technology from Virtue Paintball.  Aesthetically, the Spire IV is very similar to the Spire III. However, the new main operational feature is the first shot activation, where the drive cone will keep spinning until it senses resistance. It will feel resistance when the ball stack is full, which same technology featured on the Bunkerkings CTRL loader. This feeding system is more proactive and can be used for higher rates of fire as well as mechanical paintball guns.

The Spire 4 also offers bluetooth pairing with the Virtue Ace Luxe X as well as the Planet Eclipse CS2.  This allows the Virtue Spire 4 to take information from the eyes in the Ace paintball marker to know if there is paint in the breech. If there is none, the drive cone will continuously spin, regardless of stack pressure, until the eyes register a paintball. This essentially maximizes the amount of paint the loader keeps in the stack, ready to shoot your next lane of paint.

     When paired with eyes on, no amount of knocking on the hopper will make it rotate or feed if the Virtue Ace eyes detect a ball in the breech, preventing false positives and keeping from agitating and potentially breaking brittle tournament paint. Similarly, even if your Spire IV is it paired at all, it still will not feed response to knocking on the hopper. In the case of not being paired wirelessly with a marker, the hopper will only agitate when a ball leaves the stack in the feedback.

     In the event the eyes on the Virtue Ace encounter an issue, the Spire IV hopper then communicates with the trigger on the Ace marker in a hybrid function between being fully paired and full unpaired. In this state, the hopper will only agitate when you pull the trigger or ramp the marker.

     The new Spire IV hopper also boasts improved idle performance is a battery-saving feature on the Virtue Spire IV. And yes, you can still use your N-Charge rechargeable battery pack! 


***Based out of Mansfield, Ohio, Punishers Paintball is dedicated to delivering premium products and even higher quality customer service, every time. Growing paintball is our mission and we take pride as ambassadors to the sport.***

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