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Top 6 Best Paintball Barrels of 2022

Posted on November 28 2021

Choosing the best paintball barrel for your paintball gun can be a daunting task.  It can also be an overwhelming process to someone who may not know much about the different elements to a paintball barrel such as barrel length, bore size, barrel thread, price, and more.

There has been the introduction of some new paintball barrels in the recent future like the Field One Acculock, Infamous Silencio FXL and Silencio FL barrel, and Dye UL-S.  These barrels might not be new to 2021 but have been introduced within the last 2-3 years.  Other notable barrels include the Freak XL barrel and HK Army LAZR and XV barrel kit. 

We considered a variety of factors when we ranked our paintball barrels such as price, weight, accuracy, sound signature, and overall design.   


  1. HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit - $199.95

 - Best overall barrel kit - 

The HK Army LAZR kit is the best overall barrel kit for value and performance.  The LAZR barrel kit comes in at a hefty price point but includes everything that a barrel kit needs to shoot accurately.  The LAZR barrel comes in many different colors to color match basically any color paintball marker.  This HK Army barrel kit has all the things needed including a nice hard case, ball sizer, 8 barrel inserts for different sizes, and 4 barrel sleeves.  This barrel can also be found in Autococker thread as well as Ion/Luxe thread to fit almost every marker possible on the market.  All of these different things that are included would be well over $200.  The LAZR barrel is also 15 inches and has linear and circular porting which makes the sound signature quieter.


2.) Infamous Silencio OG-1 1-Piece Insert Barrel - $69.95

 - Best budget barrel - 

The Infamous Silencio OG-1 1-Piece barrel is the second on our overall list for 2021.  This 1 piece barrel is our budget option as it offers great performance at a good price.  The Silencio 1-piece is offered in a variety of colors which makes it easy to find a stylish color to fit your design.  Secondly, it accepts Freak inserts which has been accepted as one of the most widely used barrel insert systems there is.  The Silencio linear porting of this Infamous barrel has become very popular.  This style of porting allows to air to leave the barrel in a less turbulent fashion for quieter sound signature.  It also makes it more difficult for outside substances such as rain to enter inside the barrel compared to circular porting. 

The downside to this barrel is that the OG-1 Silencio is only offered in Autococker thread which rules out using this barrel if you have a Tippmann paintball gun or a Luxe electronic marker. 

3.) Freak XL Barrel System - $120-$209.95 

 - Best Overall Barrel - 

The GoG Freak XL Barrel system is one of the most popular barrels of all time and is often considered the gold standard of barrels.  The Freak barrel has been around for a long time, since the inception of early electric paintball guns.  The freak barrel uses aluminum or stainless steel inserts which are easily pulled out and inserted from the Freak barrel back.  The easy exchange of barrel inserts as well as the inexpensive price of inserts has made the Freak barrel extremely popular.  In roughly 2016, GoG re-introduced the newest option with the Freak XL insert.  The Freak XL inserts went from 5 inches to a 8 inch control bore.  The longer control bore allows for the paintball to travel longer through the control bore for increased accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.  The Freak XL Barrel system is offered in both Autococker as well as Luxe thread which covers every high end paintball gun on the market.  Other colors of the Freak XL barrel can be found which makes it even more appealing.

4.) Planet Eclipse FL Barrel w/ Infamous Silencio Tip Gen 3 - $130-$260

 - Honorable Mention - 

The Planet Eclipse FL barrel with the Infamous Silencio Gen 3 tip deserves honorable mention for it's great design, accuracy, and sound signature.  The FL insert comes in 4 different bore sizes (0.677, 0.681, 0.685, and 0.689) and is only offered in Autococker thread. The 14.5 inch FL barrel is the stock barrel offered with most high end Planet Eclipse markers including the Geo 4, LV1.6, and CS2 Pro. The aluminum inserts are easy to change by simply unscrewing by reverse thread.  We chose the Infamous Silencio tip instead of the Shaft Aluminum tip and Carbon Fiber tip due to the linear porting of the Silencio tip.  The linear porting of the Silencio tip changes the sound signature of the barrel tip and keeps water out of the barrel for more accurate firing.

5.) GoG Freak JR - Tippmann 98 Thread - $74.95

 - Best Barrel for Tippmann 98 Custom - 


Many beginner players like the idea of upgrading their barrel system as well.  One of the most popular paintball guns of all time, the Tippmann 98 Custom, offers its own unique Tippmann 98 barrel thread.  For this reason, there are not a lot of options to upgrade barrels for the Tippmann 98 as most manufacturers focus on other popular paintball guns that have Autococker or Luxe threaded barrels.  Although there are some options, we chose the Freak Jr. Barrel as the winner for the best Tippmann 98 barrel.  The Freak Jr offers the ability to change bare size easily using regular 5 inch freak inserts which can easily be changed out and are relatively inexpensive to purchase more inserts.  The aluminum design of the Freak Jr barrel makes it more durable than the carbon fiber Deadlywinds barrels (Null barrel) that is offered at around the same price point but is a fixed bore size of 0.688, as mentioned on another barrel comparison (Paintball Buzz's "7 Best Paintball Barrels of 2021"). 

6.) Deadlywind Null / Fibur-X / Fibur-X8 Barrel

 - Lightest Barrel - 

The Deadlywinds barrels use a 3 layer construction including 2x2 satin Twill external, uni-direction fibers laid up in a strong multi-vector pattern, and then a super-slick "Silkfiber" inside that can be safely swabbed using a barrel swab.  Unique to Deadlywinds barrels, you also have many options including different unique barrel lengths and porting options.  Deadlywinds is one of the few barrel companies still offering almost every barrel thread ever made (9 in total), including Autococker (most popular), SP Ion/Impulse/Luxe, Tippmann X7/Phenom/A5/Crossover, Phantom, Kingman/Spyder, WDP A1, WDP G7 Fly, WDP LCD, and Shocker SFT/Sport.  Another great option offered by Deadlywinds is the option to select how you want your barrel ported!  Normal porting, double porting, spiral porting, double spiral porting, and no porting (for play in rain as it doesn't allow water to get through porting and into the inside of your barrel) are ALL options!  Lastly, Deadlywinds gives you multiple options on barrel length including 8.5, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 Inches!

The Null Barrel is a great budget option, as mentioned in Paintball Buzz's review, due to it being super lightweight and super accurate!  The Null barrel weighs in at around ONLY 50 grams for a 14 inch barrel makes it easily the lightest barrel in the game.  The Fibur-X barrel allows for players who own Freak inserts to adjust their bore size.  The Fibur-X8 barrel accepts Freak XL inserts to make it one of the most accurate barrels as well.  


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