The Kinetic Modular Pack (KMP) - 5+4+2



The next-generation paintball pack is here.  Utilizing advanced materials and techniques, the Kinetic Modular Pack (KMP) allows you to easily replace pieces while delivering incredible performance.  The revolutionary patent pending belt system distributes the weight of the pods evenly across your back and reduces pack bounce.  


  • Modular design - Pod sleeves can be quickly swapped out on the pack using our replacement system.    Pod sleeve replacements sold separately.
  • Run the Pack Strapped or Strapless - With our replacement system, you can run the pack strapped or strapless.  Straps to be sold separately.
  • Anti-Bounce Strap System - We designed a completely new patent pending strap system to create a secure and comfortable fit around your natural waist.  Our pack has a thinner belt that is more comfortable and allows for a larger range of movement compared to standard designs.
  • Load Distribution System - Inside the KMP back pad is a laser cut, thermoplastic belt. This distributes the weight of the pods evenly across your back, making it easier to carry more paint.
  • Generous PaddingThe back pad of the KMP uses three layers of foam that mold to your body to ensure an incredibly comfortable fit.