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Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R vs. Planet Eclipse Cs2... Is the Cs2 worth the extra money?

Posted on August 05 2019

The Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R has been released to the paintball industry since February of 2019.  The mid-range paintball marker made its debut at Paintball Extravaganza as Planet Eclipse has adjusted to paintball players needs.  The paintball community now has reached a point where a player can get on to the paintball field and compete in a speedball game with a paintball gun that costs well under $1000.  Planet Eclipse has been competing in this market a long time with the original Gtek, which over a period of time has evolved.  The Gtek 160R paintball marker saw many improvements from the first generation Planet Eclipse Gtek but still left a few things off the table that made the Planet Eclipse Cs2 the rightful owner of high-end paintball gun title.  

The Origins of the Gtek Paintball Gun:

The original Planet Eclipse Gtek was a very basic marker.  Without upgrading the board, it featured a LED display out of the case.  This made programming the paintball gun much more difficult than an OLED display where all firing modes, Rate of Fire (ROF), Dwell, etc. can be adjusted with visualization.  

Plastic construction was the most obvious feature of the Planet Eclipse Gtek which gave the marker a cheaper, less robust feel that reflected a cheaper price of the marker.  The Gtek not only featured plastic composite for the eye covers, trigger frame, and air supply adapter (ASA) but it also featured an original macroline which many markers at the time and since then have moved away from.  The saving feature of the Gtek which had a similar price as the Etha as well as the Etek was the gamma core drivetrain.  

The Gtek was the first Planet Eclipse paintball gun to feature the gamma core bolt system.  This bolt system has since then become the premiere drivetrain for all Planet Eclipse paintball guns.  It is now featured in the Emek, Etha, Gtek, and now the Cs2.  Paintball players quickly realized that the gamma core made the Gtek a great shooting paintball marker.  It featured a smooth shot as well as good efficiency, sound signature, and consistency.  

The First Improvement of the Gtek: The Gtek 160R:

The Gtek 160R was released a year or two after the original Planet Eclipse Gtek.  The Gtek 160R featured the same Gamma Core drivetrain as the original Gtek.  However, it made many improvements to the cosmetics and functional features of the paintball gun.  The Gtek 160R featured full metal construction.  The trigger frame was made of aluminum as well as the feedneck, trigger, and ASA.  The 160R also featured the ATP (air transfer pipe) that was made notorious from the Geo 3.1, 3.5, and Lv1.  This ATP was preferred by paintball players over the plastic macroline that came with the original Gtek.  However, it still sometimes got in the way of how the paintball gun was held in the hands.  


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  • luke aaron laney: December 06, 2019

    i, my self, own a cs2, and i deffinetally think that its worth the money. i didint know that the 170R is that new!

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