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DLX Luxe Encore Bolt System... What we know so far about the new bolt system for your Luxe 1.0 - Luxe OLED

Posted on June 03 2019

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DLX Paintball exposed a gem during NXL World Cup 2018  when they displayed their Luxe Encore Bolt System to the general public.  This bolt system has yet to be released to the public but is expected to ship late Summer or early Fall 2019.  

The Luxe paintball marker was originally released in the late 2000's and was a game changer in the paintball industry.  The Luxe 1.0 featured a soft shot, a bolt system that was removable without tools, and a hoseless design allowing paintball players to handle their new paintball marker with ease.  Since then, DLX Technologies has made plenty of improvements with the Luxe 1.5, Luxe 2.0, Luxe OLED, Luxe Ice, and now the Luxe X.  

The previous Luxe models were notorious for having issues in unideal weather conditions, most notably cold weather.  The Luxe 1.0 was a ground breaking gun for its day.  It had many features that were not offered on other paintball guns of it's time.  It did not have a macroline that got in the way of how the paintball player gripped their gun. It featured a soft shot with a bolt system that could be removed by simply lifting the bolt cap up and out.  However, it did not have a bolt spring which made it very susceptible to first shot drop off (FSDO).  Reliability with these guns was thus affected and the Luxe was known for being questionable compared to some of the other paintball markers of its time.  Most notably was probably the Planet Eclipse Ego platform which was known for being incredibly reliable.  The following models were less susceptible to this when the bolt spring was inserted into the following Luxe cores, including the most popular 2.0 Luxe core.  

The Luxe Ice had one of the most revolutionary designs of all Luxe markers due to the legendary ICE coating on the bolt system.  The ICE internals had a ceramic coating which decreased the amount of friction when the marker was fired.  The Luxe Ice featured better efficiency, lower maintenance requirements, and better reliability.  The Luxe Ice also was the first of the luxe paintball guns to have different ergonomics.  The Luxe Ice had a more extended feel with a slightly angled regulator which changed the feel fo the gun.  The Luxe Ice also featured a different ASA which no longer had a ASA knob which got in the way with grip on some of the older luxe models.  

So, what makes this Encore bolt system such a game changer to paintball players who prefer the Luxe Paintball Gun as their choice of paintball marker?

DLX Technologies has a long standing professional paintball player, Tim Montressor, working for their company.  After speaking with him at the debut for the bolt system during NXL World Cup 2018, he revealed to Punisher's Paintball that he was honored to have the chance to influence the design of this bolt system.  According to our interview with their team, he wanted a paintball gun that was very quiet, able to shoot brittle paintballs, and feature low maintenance.  DLX has promised to feature all of these benefits to the older Luxe marker models with this DROP-IN bolt system.

The Encore Bolt system features:

1.) Drop-in bolt kit - No tools needed to use this bolt system in your older Luxe paintball gun.  The Encore bolt system will be backwards compatible with the Luxe 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and OLED paintball guns (NOT the Luxe Ice).  Simply unscrew the older bolt, bolt guide, and cans and then screw in the new bolt system.  Talk about a great feature to get maximum performance out of your Luxe!

2.) No bolt spring - For the first time since the Luxe 1.0 paintball marker, DLX has decided to not feature the bolt spring to overcome first shot drop off issues (FSDO).  Punisher's Paintball is interested to determine how this may affect the performance of the Luxe during cold weather.  However, DLX is confident that this should not affect the performance of the gun and is also one less part that is known for breaking in the Luxe 2.0 and Ice cores.  In the cores with the bolt spring, the bolt spring would sometimes break and cause the bolt to bind.  Air would then be forced to dump out of other areas of the gun causing major leaks. 

3.) ICE Ceramic Coating - The main feature of the Encore Bolt System is probably the ICE ceramic coating that has been placed on this bolt system.  ICE coating allows the bolt to operate at a lower operating pressure due to a lower coefficient of friction compared to other cores including the pooty paintball core and the Luxe 2.0 core.  This should create the softer shot and slightly better efficiency that DLX is claiming for this bolt system.  

4.) Better efficiency - Expect to get more shots out of your Luxe paintball gun than you had gotten before!  During our interview with the DLX Paintball team, they claimed that the efficiency will be better than the 2.0 bolt core but will most likely not top the shot count of the ICE internals of the Luxe Ice.  This most likely has to do with the elimination of the bolt spring of this bolt system as well as maybe other unforeseeable changes within the design. 


Overall, Punisher's Paintball is very excited to see what DLX has to offer with the Luxe Encore bolt system.  We can understand where paintball players would want to be able to upgrade their core to the ICE internals in the few previous years where the Luxe Ice has competed for the title of the best high-end paintball gun in the tournament paintball scene.


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