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Shooting the Planet Eclipse CS2 - First Impressions

Posted on June 09 2018

The team at Punishers has finally got a chance to shoot the new CS2!  It has not been easy to get our hands on one of these great markers until now.  What we have to say:


As Planet suggests, the CS2 grips are much smaller than the previous CS model guns.  I personally prefer the thinner feel.  It was also nice to be able to access the battery compartment with no tools and the handgrip as well which is a new feature. Overall, the feel is better if you did not prefer the thicker grips that came with the CS models before this beast.  The grips are hard plastic with a smooth feel similar to the Macdev Prime.  I wish Planet had gone with a softer plastic similar to the Luxe.  


This is personal opinion, but I prefer the more box shape of the new CS2.  Looking at pictures of players holding the gun make it look very streamline compared to the large profile of the previous models.  The only personal issue I have with the CS2 is that the front grip sits slightly in from the front of the gun.  It makes it resemble the Etha2 where the previous models did not have this inset.  Planet Eclipse may have been better off keeping the flush front profile of the previous CS models. The new carbon fiber barrel looks awesome and very high quality.  

The Shot:

The shot of the CS2 is much different than the predecessor CS1, CS1.5, or CSR.  The shot signature is not the poofy shot of these markers or a luxe.  It is more of a "poppy" shot similar to a gtek 160r.  This must be contributed to the gamma core that it features which is a step away from the IV core.  The common agreement amongst the team was that the shot was not much quieter but made for a very smooth and flat shot.  I personally LOVED the shot as it felt like the gun had no kick/recoil whatsoever

Let us know what you think about the new CS2!  Get yours today at Punishers Paintball!


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