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The GI Stealth Paintball Marker... A better Gtek 160R?

Posted on June 24 2018

Plain and simple, yes!  The Planet Eclipse Gtek paintball marker has been around since Winter 2015.  It was initially introduced by Planet Eclipse as a mid-level tournament marker that could compete with the likes of the Geo.  The Gtek offered a different core, the gamma core, which was different than the Geo bolt engine, the IV core.  The gamma core soon became very popular for becoming reliable, efficient, easy on paint, and probably most of all very nice shooting.  The Gtek 160R has been an improvement on the original Gtek.  It offers improvements from the original marker but still keeps the same gamma core of the original marker.  G.I. Sportz has once again done the paintball community a great service by taking the 160R a further step and adding things to the marker that make it an even better tournament paintball marker.  


One area where GI Sportz improved the 160R was in the barrel system.  The 160R featured a 2 piece barrel but with only a 0.689 back.  The Stealth marker features a Empire driver XX barrel system which includes three backs of sizes .684, .688 & .692.  This will bore size most of the paintballs that you can find at any field.  


Another area where the GI stealth improves from the 160R is in the feedneck.  The Stealth offers a low-rise feedneck that can be found on the CS1.5 compared to the regular feedneck of the 160R.  Both are still Planet Eclipse's feedneck design with a large knob and lever system making it easy to adjust the tightness of your hopper.  


Probably one of the 2 best improvements of the GI Stealth lies in the new trigger. It features a blade trigger that feels much more ergonomic than the original trigger of the 160R.  


The second best improvement of the GI Stealth is the POPS ASA that is standard with the Stealth.  It makes airing the marker up much easier than the screw-style ASA featured with the 160R. It also makes the gun feel better for those players who hold their gun lower on the trigger frame.  


Once again, GI Sportz has done a great job with the milling of the Stealth.  GI Sportz has had other privately milled guns, specifically the Geo 3.5.  The milling is subtle but sleek and offer the GI Sportz logo.  


Overall, the Stealth is a great marker at a sub-$1000 price range that offers all the features of many other guns above this range.  The extra parts included on the marker complete any improvements that may have to been made when purchasing the original Gtek 160R.  For this reason, it gets the Punisher's Paintball stamp of approval!!


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  • Mark: March 21, 2020

    Does the stealth come with PE’s warranty

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