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DLX Luxe X

Posted on October 01 2018

DLX Technologies just released that they will be releasing the new Luxe X Paintball marker at NXL World Cup 2018.  This is an exciting time for this release as the Luxe Ice has set the limit for the high end marker market.  The Luxe Ice featured many improvements from the predecessor Luxe 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.0 OLED.  The most notable of these features include the ICE coating of the spool bolt system.  It also featured an improved ASA, ergonomics, etc.  This leads to the ultimate question, how much better can it get?  Some thoughts on the features that the Luxe X may bring from the Punisher Crew:

Wireless Charging

The luxe has always featured a rechargeable circuit board which is a nice feature of the marker.  Players no longer have to spend money on batteries to fuel their marker.  However, it could also be a nuisance if cords are forgotten.  Wireless charging would be a great improvement as it would eliminate the issue of losing cords.  The Dye M2 MOSAir has this feature and it is a great improvement from previous models. 


Freak XL Barrel

DLX has moved away from the normal freak barrel system to the new and improved longer XL inserts.  The Sam 66 edition of the Luxe Ice just featured this barrel system, so we would be very suprised if the new Luxe X did not come standard with this.  


An improved ASA Design

The Luxe Ice design was a great improvement from the Luxe 2.0 screw knob.  The only issue was that the tab on the ASA did not allow for the marker to be sat up without the knob turning on the air system.  Will DLX fix this issue but still include the ergonomics of the Ice ASA?


Lower Operating Pressure

Each improvement of a marker includes a lower operating pressure for better air efficiency, softer shot, etc.  The Luxe X will most likely not disappoint in this area either.  


The common other things that we expect from the Luxe X:

OLED Board with voice-interactive feature

Tool-less bolt removal

Two piece barrel system with insert system

Gas-through grip design 


DLX has done a wonderful job of keeping the Luxe X at the same price as their previous flagship gun the Luxe Ice at a MSRP of $1,499.95.  Punisher's Paintball expects to start receiving shipments of these markers shortly after NXL World Cup November 7-11.  Look for more information and news on our Youtube page as well as product release information on our Instagram page 



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