The CS3 Paintball gun was released in early November 2022.  We got to review and shoot this marker at NXL World Cup 2022.  Check us shooting the marker here!  Now there has been quite a few subtle changes on the PE CS3 vs. the CS2.  We are here to discuss those differences with you today!  

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First off, we would like to mention that the PE CS2 and CS2 Pro paintball gun were some of the most popular paintball guns on the market for high end electronic markers.  There was good reason for this as the marker was extremely reliable, great ergonomics, efficient, accurate, and easy on brittle paint.  The CS2 was a lot of players favorite marker.  The CS3 is just an improvement from the original CS2.  


The CS3 offers a new style barrel system which was initially debuted with the Planet Eclipse LV2.  The S63 barrel offers PWR inserts in different sizes and is a very stylish barrel system with spiral porting along with windows to view which insert you have in the barrel.  Lastly, the rubber sleeves allow you to style your marker similar to the previous FL Barrel system.  


Next up, the CS3 offers the OP core which is advertised from Planet Eclipse to be 20% more efficient than the gamma pro (GP Core) of the CS2.  We tested this theory multiple times on YouTube but the best we were able to get was an 8.6% increase in efficiency with the CS3.  View that video here! 


Ergonomics have also changed with the CS3 with a slimmer trigger frame grip allowing for easier handling while playing.  Not only is the trigger frame slimmer, but the CS3 Frame has an extended reach (greater angle, less vertical) which makes the marker feel a little longer and easier to point.  The 2-Piece Tool-Less Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips are very easy to pop on and off to get access to the CS3 main board in the event you need to service the marker or if the paintball gun gets wet.  The CS3 foregrip is still the same as the CS2 which is probably one of the most comfortable foregrips in the game and is much more comfortable than the Gtek 180R.  The POPS ASA is a slimmer, more sleek design which makes it feel better in the hands and is aesthetically more pleasing.  Overall, we are very please with the way that the CS3 feels in the hands and is a much better improvement compared to the CS2.  


The CS3 offers the same board that was introduced with the Planet Eclipse LV2 upon it's release in June 2022.  The board is a drastic improvement from the previous board which had relatively low resolution compared to it's competitors and didn't offer a high contrast screen.  There are still 3 buttons to toggle in between all kinds of settings including Preset modes (NXL, PSP, etc.), rate of fire (ROF), and more.  The buttons are also nicer to press and are integrated into the interlocking grips!  


Joel Baker