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The brand new Planet Eclipse Geo R5 is HERE! After quite a bit of suspicion on a new marker coming from Planet Eclipse, Planet Eclipse has released information regarding the new Geo R5. While we have not received a marker in hand to test yet, there have been a few videos released from pro players that have shown the shot quality of the marker and we are VERY EXCITED.

View the Geo 5 Shooting here:

Jackson Frey: 


Infamous Paintball: 


While the Geo 4 was an upgraded version of the previous model (the Planet Eclipse Cs1 and CS1.5), there were certain things that made the Geo 4 inferior compared to the newer Planet Eclipse LV2 and Planet Eclipse CS3.

Now the Geo R5 offers all of the similar features including the new MME OLED board, new case, S63 barrel, GR drivetrain for amazing efficiency and shot quality, and the concealed eye covers which has never been seen on a Planet Eclipse marker before!

Stay tuned on our YouTube, Instagram, and other social media outlets for more information as we get it!

Joel Baker