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Zombie Paintball

Posted on August 31 2019

Get all of your zombie paintball hunt gear at Punisher's Paintball! 

Fall is a great time of the year across the United States.  You may be a big time football fan, corn maze goer, or just enjoy the changes of season.  Another way to really enjoy your fall season may be to find your local paintball field and go for a zombie hunt!  

These hunts have been made popular due the recent craze in zombie shows such as The Walking Dead on AMC.  No matter what made this show so popular, the zombie craze is real with more shows and movies coming out all the time!  A common trait in most of these shows is that shooting zombies usually does a good job of killing them.  In The Walking Dead, shooting zombies in the head is what killed them.  Now, you can shoot zombies with paintball guns to get the full effect!

Zombie hunts can be found all over the United States at paintball fields or independent businesses that have decided to entertain the public such as corn mazes, haunted houses, and more.  Punisher's PB is here to give all the information needed to not only engage in a zombie paintball hunt as a customer, but also to give a basic guide to businesses who are interested in hosting a zombie paintball hunt!  

For businesses:

Punisher's Paintball services many zombie paintball hunts each year as a supplier of paintball products including paintball masks, zombie masks, zombie paintball suits, and of course zombie paintballs which are UV dependent.  

We have considered everything that it takes to put together a successful zombie paintball hunt and wish to share some basic knowledge of needed supplies as well as marketing tools that may help in getting customers psyched about shooting zombies with paintballs!

Zombie hunts can be a profitable boost of revenue for a business who is interested in creating a fun environment for people of all ages.  Customers get to engage in shooting actual moving human targets in a safe and controlled environment!  While it may not seem like fun to your employees who are dressed up as the zombies getting shot up by paintballs, the customer is having a blast shooting glowing paintballs in the dark at their zombie nemesis!  

We have found that most places that host zombie hunts in the fall season are correlated with other seasonal activities.  Orchards, corn mazes, and other similar establishments are great places to set up these paintball hunts.  They offer a lot of the necessary tools.  They already have a returning customer base, most have some sort of transportation for customers (tractors for hay rides or buses), and land for the zombie hunt.  An established business of this sort also has an employee base which gives them a supply of zombies instead of having to go find them.  

Now although this is usually the case, we have other customers which also are very successful only running the zombie paintball hunts.  They have established a returning customer base as well as a marketing campaign which gets customers to come engage in the hunt every year!  These customers have also recovered the initial setup costs of buying gear such as the paintball guns, air supply, paintball loaders, and protective gear for their employees.  Employees need at the bare minimum a good pair of paintball goggles to protect their face and eyes.  Most zombie hunts also have decorative effects including zombie masks which can be supplied by Punisher's Paintball!  

So what necessary items are needed to get the zombie paintball hunt on the way?  

First, most of our customers who do zombie hunts have some sort of transportation model.  They may either use an old school bus or a tractor and trailer to pull people around allowing them to shoot paintballs at zombies while on the move!  Second, you have to outfit the customers with bus or trailer with an air source.  We have found the best way to do this is to mount each paintball gun and hook up air from one large canister of Co2 or compressed air.  Reservoir tanks are the best bet for a large supply of Co2 or compressed air and can be found relatively inexpensive.  A line system can then be run from the main tank to each gun.  We suggest that your paintball guns are outfitted with base fill nipples located here.  These screw into each paintball gun and allow for easy connection and de-attachment from the air source.  A swivel remote line adapter, located here, is then run from the gun to your air source. 


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