GI Sportz/Dynasty Pro Team Paintballs - 2000 Paintballs - Aqua Metallic Shell - Yellow Fill *BANANA SCENT*


Have you shot the NEW Dynasty Paint?? CAN YOU SMELL IT???? 

• Solid Color Dark Aqua Metallic Shell for stealthy flight.

• Ultra Bright Yellow Fill *BANANA SCENTED*  Yes, you read correctly..BANANA SCENTED

• Resealable Foil Bag ensuring paint freshness for future use.

*Punisher's PB does not assume any responsibility for paintballs that are broken during shipment.  No refunds, exchanges, or extra paint will be issued to shipments that receive broken paint.  Please rest assured that our shipping department packs every paint order with extreme caution including extra bubble wrap and cardboard to minimize the chance of broken paintballs.  We also open every case of paint to ensure there are no broken bags before shipment!