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Dye M3+

The Dye M3+ is the newest flagship paintball gun from Dye Paintball.  The M3+ is fundamentally different than previous models of Dye markers in that it no longer features a low pressure regulator (LPR).  Dye fans of the past will be assured to know that the new M3+ marker shoots just as good, but slightly different than previous models such as the Dye M2.  

There are many great improvements with the Dye M3+ including the bolt system, the FL-21 bolt system.  The bolt face of this marker has a flex face bolt tip which has a rubber base to allow for great paint handling, shooting the most brittle paintballs.  This bolt system coupled with the Bwing21 solenoid housing allows for the Dye M3+ to be extremely efficient.  The solenoid housing was one of the improvements made from the Dye M3S to the new M3+ paintball gun to make the airflow passages better and reduced air consumption. You can expect to get roughly 1400-1600 shots out of a 77/4500 paintball tank.  

The Dye UL-S Barrel System is one of the best paintball barrels available on the market.  The M3+ will come with 2 barrel backs including a 0.684 and 0.688 bore size.  The UL-S barrel has been slimmed down to become drastically lighter (5.7 grams) than it's early and very popular predecessor, the Dye UL Barrel.  The UL-S still has amazing porting allowing for a very quiet sound signature that has become expected out of Dye Paintball Guns.  

The deuce double trigger of the marker is the newly designed BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger.  This trigger has multiple adjustment points making it easy to adjust trigger pull strength, pre-travel, post-travel, and more.  The magnetic return of the trigger makes for a very smooth trigger return and the trigger has been designed to allow for increased leverage and speed on trigger.  The aluminum trigger feels extremely comfortable in the hands and is one of our favorite triggers on any high end paintball gun.  

The MOSAir board of the Dye M3+ is an amazing board and is one of the most adjustable OLED boards of any paintball marker on the market.  The MOSAir feature allows for wireless charging using the MOSAir board that is supplied when you purchase the marker.  The M3+ is the only high end marker out there that features wireless charging.  The DLX Luxe X, Field One Force, and the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro do not have wireless charging capabilities.  The high resolution OLED board also features a full color display allowing for a truly enjoyable customer experience.  The M3+ circuit board gives the player the option to switch between 5 different present player profiles.  Each player profile can have different fire modes, rates of fire, and operating parameters.  Lastly, the MOSAir circuit board is highly efficient allowing for lots of play before another charge.  It even has a service alert that can be set to alarm after so many shots to ensure that you maintenance your Dye M3+ including the bolt system and the Hyper 6s Pro regulator.

The Dye M3+ is the ultimate package of a paintball gun.  It is lightweight, very reliable, smooth shooting and feels ergonomically great in the hands.  Every portion of this marker has been thoroughly thought through to give the ultimate high end paintball gun.  Amazing anodizing can also be seen with the Dye M3+ paintball gun which allows for some great color options.  The PGA colors are specifically amazing colors including special edition colors that are usually only offered once. 

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