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Freak XL Boremaster Kit - Aluminum

$109.95 $119.95

The Freak XL Boremaster Kit is the newest edition of the barrel sleeve insert system brought to you by GoG paintball.  The Freak XL kit includes 8 aluminum bore sleeves that can be inserted into any Freak XL barrel available.  There are quite a few barrels that fit the Freak XL design due to its great design.  Get barrels from GoG, Deadlywind, and Carbon Paintball (Carbon IC Barrel) that all fit the XL inserts.  

The freak insert may be one of the oldest and most tried, true, and reliable paintball barrel systems in the game.  The seamless bore insert system allows players to only have one barrel while being able to paint size any paintball size.  Why is paintball bore sizing important?  Paintballs can change size from thousands of variables; temperature, humidity, elevation, storage conditions and manufacturers to name a few. Although these changes in overall paintball diameter, it can make a big difference in the level of accuracy and efficiency of your paintball gun.  The interchangeable bore system allows players to adapt to whatever paintball throws at them.

The inserts themselves are made out of aerospace grade aluminum alloy and feature a durable low-friction hard anodized finish to make it easy to slide your insert in and out of the paintball barrel.  The inserts are laser engraved for quick identification of bore size.  Lastly, each different bore size of XL insert is color coded differently so that it is easy to identify which bore size it is if the laser engraving ever disappears.  Most Freak barrels also have porting that allow for players to see the color insert is currently in the barrel for easy bore size identification.

The Freak XL insert kit not only includes the 8 inserts, but also features a rugged case with a metal zipper which allows you to protect your aluminum XL inserts from possibly getting dropped and damaged.  The case features a stylish carbon fiber finished body and 2 extra slots for a barrel back and barrel tip. 

Inserts included:

  • 0.679
  • 0.682
  • 0.684 
  • 0.687 (most common Freak XL insert included in Shocker and Luxe paintball guns)
  • 0.689
  • 0.691
  • 0.693
  • 0.695

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