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Virtue Spire 3

The Virtue Spire 3 Paintball Loader has changed paintball forever. The latest and greatest paintball loader to hit the paintball industry is a top choice of all professional paintball players and recreational paintball players.

The Spire 3 is the the newest loader out from Virtue Paintball! There are many new features of the new Spire 3 paintball loader.  The Spire 3 paintball loader is now lighter, smaller, and has a slightly larger capacity of paintballs.  A popular feature of the paintball loader is that it is bluetooth compatible.  This allows paintball players to adjust feeding settings simply by their smart phone.  It's a very quick way to get the results you need if you need to change something while at the paintball field.  Another popular feature of the Spire 3 paintball loader is that it is lighter than its predecessor, the original Spire loader. The original Spire paintball loader was already a very light loader.  One of the heaviest parts of the Spire loader was the 3 AA batteries used to power the hopper. Virtue Paintball has found a way to shave even more weight off their flagship loader.  

Another main feature of the Spire 3 loader is the Spire Drive. The Spire Drive's Flex Cycle allows the Spire 3 to feed even the most brittle paintballs and its spring loaded arms slide underneath and push jams out of the way before they occur.

Disassembly and cleaning of this paintball loader may be one of the easiest in the paintball industry.  Take apart this loader in tool-less fashion by pressing a button to utilize the hinge-lock system that Virtue has designed.  Clean out broken paintballs, dirt, or water from the inside of your Spire 3 hopper.

Punisher's Paintball has provided videos on all the features of the Spire 3 loader.  For the latest information on all new paintball products Punishers Paintball is your one stop paintball store!  Come see us at our Ohio Paintball store to buy the Spire 3 paintball loader or buy with confidence at!


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