GoG Freak XL Barrel Back - Gloss Black - Autococker Thread


The Freak XL barrel back is the newest invention of the Freak barrel system.  The Freak XL back accepts Freak XL inserts which are 8 inches in length to give you more control bore travel distance for the paintball being fired.  Theoretically, this allows players to have better efficiency, accuracy, and consistency as compared to the normal Freak back with 5 inch inserts!
* Freak XL backs are only able to thread to Freak XL tips and will not fit with normal Freak tips as the threading for the 2 systems are different. 

The Freak Back is the main interface between your marker and the Freak System. We offer barrel threading to match many of the most popular paintball markers on the market. All backs come in dust finish and are available in GOG/ION/Luxe, Autococker/Shocker RSX, Spyder, Tippmann 98 and Tippmann A-5 threads.